1. L

    6 week araucana chick - pullet or cockrell

    Does anyone have and thought about what sex this 6 week Araucana it please
  2. Joe n Jess

    How can I sexing this chicks?!

    Hi everybody! I’m wondering what sex are this girls or boys.. I have an auracana rooster and an australop hen and this is what I got.. thank you for all the help
  3. 5

    Hey y'all!

    Just a quiet couple from the Midwest. Aspiring homesteaders. Longtime readers. And our pine-dwelling puff-bottomed hunnies, patiently waiting for spring.
  4. venymae

    Calico Jack - barred with every color!

    This is Calico Jack, a mix breed rooster I hatched out for my father. He's still young, and his tail has continued to get a little bigger every time I see him. Here's his lineage... Pure Bred Auraucana ROO X Hatchery RIR HEN (gen 1) (gen 1) HEN X Crested Cream Legbar Mix ROO = Calico Jack So...
  5. Raising Hens For Eggs

    Raising Hens For Eggs

    Raising chickens for eggs requires lots of extra care for your chickens. This article will tell you how you can get the most from your hens and choose the right breed of chicken to get. When getting chickens for eggs you want to get a breed that will produce a good amount of eggs. If you...
  6. Shannon93

    two Americaunas died suddenly!

    Hi all- I am new to backyard chickens but have been raising them on a farm setting for years. Last night, two out of three of my Americaunas died in the middle of the night and one looks like she's about to. I have 3 healthy RIRs that look great. Any ideas what happened?? We have been going...
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