1. chickennuggt

    Mâle or Female ?

    Can someone help me identify gender ? I am thinking he(?) Is a male, but not sure. 4 months and 1 week old black Australorp chicken
  2. JessKennedy

    Hen or Roo 5-6 week Sussex & Australorp chicks

    Hen or Roo I have 6 babies 5-6 weeks old help me with sexing pls, These are my first chicks. 1 Buff Sussex - Roo I think… 2 Black Australorp 3 Blue Australorp 4 Light Sussex no 1 5 Lavender Sussex 6 Light Sussex 2
  3. K

    Jersey Giant???

    I am actively looking for a jersey giant rooster. These are the photos of one for sale. I am not sure if it’s a giant or an australorp. The person said they purchased them from Meyer hatchery. Maybe someone can help me out please. Thank you.
  4. A

    Australorp pullet or cockerel?

    Hi everyone! So I’ve just been informed that my light Sussex is a cockerel and now I’m wondering if my black australorp is as well. She’s about 20 weeks old. Thanks in advance!
  5. herremadavid

    Two beautiful free chickens to a good home or farm! (Grand Rapids MI)

    We have backyard chickens in the city of Grand Rapids Michigan. These chickens were born in June. We purchased hens, however there is a chance these two cuties may be roosters. They have both started crowing for about a month now. There is some information online about hens also crowing, however...
  6. ShianRainDrop

    Looking for Blue Australorp Hatching Eggs

    Hello there folks. I have been looking for months for 6 Blue Australorp hatching eggs and I thought I may have found someone here but they haven't responded yet, so I thought I'd desperate post here. I haven't ever incubated eggs before but my noob incubator only holds 6 eggs, and it seems most...
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