1. Carla Maxwell

    I'm a Happy New Chicken-Mum in Daylesford, Australia

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? (2) How many chickens do you have right now? (3) What breeds do you have? Yes, I'm new to chickens! My husband and I adopted/rescued four retired isa brown chickens in May 2020. My husband has had previous experience raising...
  2. K

    Introducing my girls...

    Hey everyone, just thought I'd pop up some photos of my girls here. Everyone has been so helpful and kind in helping us. About a year ago, I happened upon this site and was so extremely grateful for the advice and support I was given. I was distraught at the time. I had lost one of our...
  3. Jazzychilli

    G’day from Australia 🇦🇺

    G’day I am new to this group. And I’m really looking forward to learning more about chickens I grew up on a chicken farm in Canada but don’t remember a great deal about them - and then moved to Australia 🇦🇺 18 years ago. A few months ago I bought two Australops Meet Jazzy and Chiilli They...
  4. ctpat3

    The Coop that COVID built! Building our first coop...

    We are a young family living in Central Victoria, Australia. My husband and I each grew up with chickens so have been keen for our children to share that experience. With the lockdown we suddenly found ourselves with free weekends at home and decided it was the perfect project for us all to do...
  5. Sagey_7878

    *VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA* Selling 3 cockerels!

    Hi everyone, I am located in Victoria, Australia and I am selling 3 cockerels that are about 7 weeks. I have the following: Silver Laced Wyandotte Light Sussex (not pure) Australorp I have included pictures of them.
  6. K

    Hello, from QLD Australia

    G"day everyone I am the mother of 2 Plymouth Rocks, Thatcher and Speckles, who were born 2 weeks apart from different parents and are now just over a year old. We live in regional QLD and my girls love their morning and afternoon free roaming time, sunbathing and dust bathing. Their favourite...
  7. Sagey_7878

    Chickens have favus?

    Hello everyone! One of my old isa brown hens has a respiratory issue (some discharge out of nostrils) and I have ordered vetrx which is arriving tomorrow. Today I noticed this (white spots on comb) I asked some other people and they said it’s Favus, what do you guys think? What do I buy to treat...
  8. C

    Feather Loss and No Eggs! Help!

    Hi everyone! I live in Australia and gave three backyard chickens, I'm pretty sure they're ISA browns. We've had them about two years, from a few months old. A few months ago the girls all went through molt. But one never grew them back, and has continued losing feathers on her chest, neck...
  9. K

    Kevin, from Tasmania (southern hemisphere) here

    I am very pleased to have found this website and join. Thank you to the owners and creators! I have a long association with hens (here in Australia everyone calls them "chooks") starting from when I was only 4 or 5 years old, when I was the only one in my family who could pick up the bantams...
  10. Kluggie

    Black copper marans in oz?

    Hi all I have been looking for a black copper Maran breeder in southeast Queensland but can’t seem to find any. It’s easy enough to find welsummer and barnevelder brown egg layers but I’m keen on the really dark chocolate coloured eggs from the marans. Any ideas, information or breeder...
  11. Phoenixmum

    Is anyone in Australia selling black Sumatra fertile eggs?

    Looking for some black sumartra fertile eggs to hatch. If anyone has any? Or knows where I can get ahold of some please?
  12. Chickenclaw

    Breeders or hatcheries In Australia

    Hi everyone, I thought I should make this thread for people who are wanting to buy Poultry in AU. If you know any good hatcheries or breeds put their website here to help others find places to buy their poultry.
  13. Future_Homesteader

    Advice for a chicken coop

    Hi all, I'm very new to chicken keeping so doing a lot of research now before we get them! Was looking at getting this chicken coop just wondering if any other Australians have bought through them? Was hoping to have...
  14. Quacking Pigeon

    Duck show season 2019

    This year, I am entering my ducks in as many shows as possible around where I am. Their first show will be this weekend, if there is still space. I will be entering all my 9 mallards in. Also, the second show is at the beginning of April. Shows after the middle of the year, I will be showing my...
  15. F

    Ideas please-Very determined Broody still brooding/sitting on wire cage bottom

    Our second hen went broody a copper Maran, about 1 year old. For a few days we kept throwing her out of nest box, then trying to confine her in backyard away from the others during the day so she could not return to box until she figured out she could fly back over quite a high gate.. so chicken...
  16. Sagey_7878

    *AUSTRALIA* Selling double silver laced barnevelder cockerels!

    Hello, I live in Australia and I am wanting to rehome my two double silver laced barnevelder and possibly Plymouth Rock cockerels. If interested please reply!
  17. N

    Newbie... Help! Pullet or Cockerel? 8wks old

    Newbie... Help! Pullet or Cockrel? 8wks old
  18. WildType

    A Brit' in rural Australia.

    Hi I'm new to chook keeping and enjoying every minute. We moved from London to a semi-rural suburb near Sydney in Australia to enjoy county life. We have four hens and a rooster. They are principally pets, and they do produce eggs, and they are part of a partridge wyandotte breeding project ...
  19. S

    Emu Egg Age

    Does the age of an emu egg matter? If so, is there any way to see the age of an emu egg without destroying it? Thanks.
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