1. Pskawski

    Baby chicks 3-4 weeks old. Males and females 4.00 each

  2. lbgreenfield

    Hen Laid Soft Shell Egg, Yolk Outside

    Hi. I had a 5 1/2 month old Australorp hen today that was acting lethargic, sitting in the run while others were out free ranging, not eating melon (she LOVES melons), etc. Her crop was very squishy, so I assumed she had a sour crop and proceeded to very, very gently induce vomiting, gently...
  3. V

    Are they hens?

    I bought what I was told were 1 day old female black australorps from a local feed store.... they appear to be barred rock. These are my first chickens I’ve owned and I’d really love some options on if they are in fact girls. This is the 4 of them below today at 5 weeks 1 day old.
  4. EmilyEnns

    New Chicken Farmer

    hi! i’m new to the chicken farming community and decided to join backyard chickens as i have found most of my helpful chicken info here! i have a barnyard mix of 18 chickens that i am overly in love with! excited for the girls to start laying and finally officially figure out who’s a hen and how...
  5. CheerfulF0x

    Hello All! First timer here.

    Since I am not the best at intros, I will go by the template for starters and add information as able/appropriate. :D (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? More or less? Yes. Please help guide me to make my girls happy. I should be getting them in the next month or...
  6. N


    I picked up this 1-2week old Australorp. I am unsure they gave me the right breed as all the pictures I see online of australorp chicks have yellow stomach, and mine doesn’t. Could this be a different breed? Has anyone had a all black australorp chick?
  7. BestDiscoMan13

    Cochin chicks for a decent offer

    I have 8 baby chickens say your offer I’ll accept a fair amount of money or fair swap I agree to. I live in New Jersey my email is [email protected] if your doing money say your amount your willing to offer and how much chicks you want and I may accept your offer. If your doing a swap tell...
  8. Joe n Jess

    How can I sexing this chicks?!

    Hi everybody! I’m wondering what sex are this girls or boys.. I have an auracana rooster and an australop hen and this is what I got.. thank you for all the help
  9. Sagey_7878

    Australorp Hen High Stepping On One Leg

    Hey everyone, I live in Australia and my australorp has been recently high stepping every few steps she takes on her left leg. We recently moved the flock to their new coop and run, with mulch being the run floor. I first thought she had got a splinter and checked. Nothing. Checked for...
  10. Louisetho2

    When do Australorps start laying?

    Hi guys. I’ve got one australorp hatched on August 8 last year, she’s been laying since late or early January. She’s doing really well and laying everyday. I’ve got another one that hatched on 18 September and still didn’t lay an egg... is she too young or am I just unlucky? She’s much bigger...
  11. Chiqualetta


    This is my youngest roo Johnny.. does he look like a mix of sorts, Australorp? Jersey Giant? We picked him from a bunch of mixed chicks. He is the same size as my 5 month hens, he’s around 16-17 weeks. Big boy!
  12. dalasgalas

    Hen or Roo? I think Over Easy got revenge

    Thinking our rescue Australop pullet Pidgy McNugget is a cockeral. The face is a little redder. Born around May 15th and is a bantam size chicken. So about 3 months old. Hasn't crowed yet.
  13. M

    Hen Attacking Other Hens

    Hello. To explain my problem I have to start at the beginning and let you know this is my first time caring for chickens. I've had three chickens for a little more then a year. Two are Leghorn chickens, named Nuisance and Killer (the names are bad I know. They were the names that stuck) and one...
  14. C


    I'm looking to get new hens. First one were free and just didn't really know about breed and all this other stuff that I now know I want .But now, different story. We have always ate breast meat, so now I will like some decent heritage breed meat, no Cornish X and yes I'm aware it will be a lot...
  15. E

    Australop Hen Laying

    hi Chicken Lovers! I got my Australop hen (Yolko Ono) 2 months ago, and the gentlemen I got her from said she was 9 months old. Until now she has not layed! She is very active, healthy and the dominant female in the gang. Here is what she looks like rigt now. When I check laying Australop hens...
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