1. L

    Help! First time trying to diagnose a sick chicken (photos attached)

    Hello everyone! I've always been a lurker, reading posts and gather information, but at the moment I'm stumped and worried I may or may not be doing the right things. I have a 6mo. Australorp hen who we found on November 30th acting pretty unusual in the coop the other day. We brought her...
  2. TN Goat Roper

    Black australorp?????

    These where supposed to be silver laced Wyandotte’s but they look more like black australorp to me, any guess on what they actually are??? And I’m thinking the ones with the bright red combs are roosters but not sure
  3. oldcircusbread


    I'm new, so per the registration instructions, here are my answers: (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? We just bought a coop and were readying to buy chickens (we wanted heritage breeds and are finding most hatcheries are marketing as heritage but they aren't really...
  4. Patsy says hi!

    Patsy says hi!

  5. Chickensgalore11

    What gender are my chicks please

    So I got a bunch of different breeds so it's been a bit difficult compariby whom may be hens and whom may be cocks. Pictures 1 and 2 is my austrolorp at 8-9 weeks old. Pictures 3 and 4 is my Pekin Bantam which I think may be a frizzle - 9 weeks old. Picture 5, 6, 7 and 8 chicks are 2 buff...
  6. C

    Austrolorp chicks...maybe?

    I just hatched 7 Austrolorp eggs that I bought from the local hatchery, and I have raised Lorps from chicks 2x before this. One of my last chicks to hatch looks different from the others: a lot more yellow around his temples and completly yellow wings instead of just the tips, and the yellow is...
  7. Shellebelle920

    Cock-a-doodle doo... I’m new!

    Hi everyone. On a whim, I ordered four chicks from a lawn and garden place. They are due to arrive in mid and end of March. I have spent the last 6 days obsessively reading about everything I can regarding chicks and chickens. I’ve also ordered my coop, my run, feeding/watering supplies and...
  8. LittleRedRanch

    What breed is this!

    Hi I'm new to this site! We made the mistake(lol) of purchasing chicks from TSC! Now I have 8 pullets (hopefully) that were puchased as advertised Dominique. 5 have turned all black and look like little crows. 2 have the zebra pattern and one has a backward zebra pattern where the white is...
  9. Mammahen5

    Egg layers or broilers? Please help!

    Hello – my family and I recently started raising chicks for eggs and bought 6 straight run chicks from our local feed store. There was no sign indicating breeds or sex. They are now 6 weeks old and are growing quickly and our family has grown attached to them in the meantime trying to figure out...
  10. N

    One of my free-range chickens is missing tonight. Hawk?

    Hi everyone, I'm a little heartbroken tonight as my Austrolorp--the dumbest and sweetest of my six chickens--was nowhere to be found when I went to put the chickens in their run this afternoon around 5:30 p.m. A bit of background: The chickens are 15 weeks old. They have a coop and an enclosed...
  11. P


    My husband bought three “pullets” at the co-op a couple weeks ago. They were older than I’d prefer, but my husband didn’t consult me before buying them. So they were very skiddish. The sweetest and calmest one and my favorite is a black austrolorp. All of a sudden, I’m worrying my Chicken Noir...
  12. Krazyquilts

    Solved! Austrolorp/Golden Comet Crosses

    :eek:Solved! Verdict: ALL BOYS! Thanks BYC!:eek: Here's the siblings of the cockerel you all helped identify for me, if you could help with the rest, I would be very appreciative. Please let me know if I need more pics of any. Hatched August 20, so about 12 weeks/3 months old. Father is...
  13. givengrove

    Mystery Breed?

    I have absolutely no idea what breed she is?! I'm only judging that it's a she... her(?) name is Sassy and she was sold to us in a mystery grab bag. I have tried my ding dang darndest to try and find what breed she is! When she was a chick I thought she was a black austrulorp, then as she got...
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