auto turning

  1. FiestyFeathersFarm

    Nurture Right 360 Turner

    Does anyone know how often the NR360 turns the eggs? I can’t seem to find any info anywhere, you’d think it would be in the instructions 🙄
  2. Aussie Fluff

    To trust the auto-turner or not??

    Hi everyone! We recently upgraded our old crappy yellow China incubator to a genuine Janoel and were so excited to try it out! We did a batch of Pekin ducklings, with the last one hatching this morning, but it seemed the eggs were not being turned properly throughout the process as we lost...
  3. J

    Choosing an incubator..

    hi again all, about two weeks ago I posted about hatching Runner Duck eggs. Yesterday my boyfriend put an external temp. gauge in the incubator and it read 60*C and we have realised the incubator is very, very broken. We are looking to get a new one and you experts should be able to give me the...
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