ayam camani

  1. Ufitlinda

    Hello everyone 🌻

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? Yes, I am new to chickens, I got 15 chickens in July 2020. (2) How many chickens do you have right now? I have 12 full grown chickens now. 8 baby chicks, 1 week old. (3) What breeds do you have? I was told I have ISA brown mix...
  2. CaliFarmsAR

    Ayam Cemani Chicken!

    I have see so many people who have Ayam Cemani Chickens and wanted to make a thread on this amazing breed! If you have then please share your experiences with this wonderful breed! I have had the Ayam Cemani for 9 moths now (not a lot of time) but love this breed! They hens don’t lay well at all...
  3. malagabara

    Second dead pullet, skinny, weak, what killed them?

    I just buried my second Ayam Cemani pullet, which I got as a 12-week old pullet about a month ago. Her sister died a week after I got her, I found her dead in the coop, her pose stroke me; she was contorted with her head and neck thrown back, her wings slightly opened and her legs stretched...
  4. Colorado Trav

    New Member from Colorado, Just Hatched First Eggs!

    Hey Everyone, My name is Travis and my fiancé and I have a little Urban Farm in Wheat Ridge, CO! Just introducing myself, so I guess I’ll go through the questions. I joined today because we decided for the first time a few weeks ago to incubate eggs from our flock and as of this morning...
  5. malagabara

    One pullet dead and one weak. Recently adopted Ayam Cemani.

    Hello. I adopted last Friday two Ayam Cemani 8 week old pullets. They were doing okay but two days ago they started to act a bit strange, they were eating and drinking but one specially was constatly fluffed up with her head close to her body, but still moving around. She was dead this morning...
  6. Furious-Arts


    I'm not new to chickens at all, i have lived with them all my life.I started getting purebred birds 4 years ago. We currently have about 136 birds on the farm! These include: Ayam Cemani, French White Maran, Silver Campine OEG Bantams, Serama, Black Sumatra, White Orpingtons, French Black Copper...
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  8. J

    Ayam cemani

    Fertile ayam cemani hatching eggs and chicks for sale. Message for details. Have a bit of a waiting list for chicks
  9. MomsterT

    Crooked toes?

    Hello! So we got 2 Ayam Cemani straight run chicks. They are booth doing fine, but one of the little fellas has a crooked toe on each foot. He/she (not sure yet) is approx 3weeks old. We tried splinting with toothpicks and bandage with cardboard boot but it wiggled out of it on the firs night...
  10. NubbyRyuu

    Pecking Order or Out for Blood?

    Hello everyone! To make a very long story (post: https://www.backyardchickens.com/threads/taking-care-of-swirls-the-wry-neck-silkie.1298333/ ) short, I've adopted my neighbor's Silkie Chick, who somehow became afflicted with Wry Neck. Her name is Swirls (named for the fact she will spin/run in...
  11. NubbyRyuu

    They're Getting So Big!

    (Sorry if it doesn't go here.) Got to see Cin's chicks for the first time in a long while. They've gotten so big! And one of the ones that's supposed to be 2 weeks looks like she has adult legs already, lol! But I wanted to show off the two faves of the first group, Penelope and McLovin...
  12. TashaFrancois

    Wish the ladies luck!

    We just shipped pullets for the first time. We sold 4 started Ayam Cemani pullets to @Tyrovive. Shipped overnight from Kansas City, MO to Yulee, FL. I gave them all a spa day yesterday and added electrolytes to their water. In the box are fresh apples and zucchini. Below are some photos. I’m...
  13. My ayam cemani

    My ayam cemani

    They are about three months old. And I’m going to show them at the local livestock show.
  14. rosemarysugar

    Breed Help!??!?

    Breed says parents might be Ayam cemani mix. What do you think? If you need more pics please ask! Also everything on this chick is black.
  15. EIEIO_farm

    Mixed cockerel Ayam Cemani + Silver Laced Wyandotte 6 weeks old needs new home SoCal

    This little guy is in need of a new home! He’s 6 weeks old, dad is Ayam Cemani and mom is Silver Laced Wyandotte. We’re located in Ventura County, and can drive to me you if interested. He will be given away free but only to someone who would like to have him as a pet, not for slaughter. He’s...
  16. Mahapoultry

    Crossing ayam cemani

    Okay so I crossed an ayam cemani roo with rir hens...the chicks just hatched today, I was wondering if ANYONE else has do e this, I can't find any pictures anywhere of someone else doing it. I was hoping to get the beautiful feathering of the cemani, and the production of the rir. So far we got...
  17. EIEIO_farm

    Broody Silkie wants to be a mama!

    My Silkie went broody about a week ago so I left her with her eggs, she has 4 and has not laid any in the past 2 days. I candled them tonight and 2 are definitely fertile, not sure about the others but maybe it’s a bit too early for those. Anyways, our rooster is an ayam Cemani. Has anyone heard...
  18. Wewhistlingdixie

    New to backyardchickens

    1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? Just started going chicken crazy this spring and loving to so far! (2) How many chickens do you have right now? 50 (3) What breeds do you have? Ayam Camani, double laced silver Barnevelder, copper Maran, olive Egger, Welsummer (4)...
  19. Trinitydraco

    August Hatch along?

    I am setting 22 eggs tonight and figured I would see if we have any other August hatchers yet! I am setting 4 BCM, 4 Ayam Cemani, 4 Black Austrolorp, 4 Easter eggers and 6 Isa/RIR production crosses from my own flock! If everything goes well I will have my breeding stock for spring chicks this...
  20. Sageacresfarm

    Hobby breeder of Polish chickens and Ayam Cemanis.

    Hi Everyone, just wanted to introduce myself! My names Rachael, I am a small hobby breeder in the Santa Cruz mountains. I just adore chickens! I breed, hatch out and sell eggs. I have had chickens sense I was 7 years old. I have about 35 girls and know all of their names haha. I Breed...
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