1. MamaGer8ty

    Dog vs bunny burrow

    Well, we found our dog chewing something and when we got him to spit it out, it was a baby bunny that he enjoyed partly. We found where he was digging and around it we found five more baby bunnies. Four have survived and we are taking them to a rehabilitation center in the morning. They are...
  2. J

    Gosling sibling suddenly attacking the other...

    I'll try to explain as much as I can, so be patient. But I have now 1 week and 2 days old goslings, 2 are the same breed, one is a different one, but they all came shipped together and have been siblings, pretty much, ever since. However one of my yellow geese, (I can't remember names, I'll ask...
  3. LibbyRose98

    Hens or Roosters? Seven Weeks Old

    These chicks are seven weeks old. I hatched them. I'm trying to decide which are hens and which are roosters. Any ideas?
  4. MamaGer8ty

    I couldn’t help it!!! They called to me!

    Well I broke down and bought six more a grand total of twenty. I couldn’t help it! They just begged to go home with me and who am I to deny them the comforts of my awesome coop??? I don’t have a single clue what I’m going to do with all the eggs they give me but I am egg-cited...
  5. Neutrino

    Injured chick, leg and wing

    I’ve made a big mistake by not listening to the warnings about keeping mommy hen and babies away from the other chickens. My 3 day old chicks were having their run time with mommy hen and I left their door open to allow for fresh air. The Easter egger scaled the fence and made her way into the...
  6. brooklynzoo

    just arrived in the mail today!

    my mailman looked so amused handing me a chirping box. the post office actually called me when it arrived... and he showed up 10 mins later... that is not usually how packages are delivered in Brooklyn! 🐥🐥🐥🐥
  7. ABaker787

    Vent washing

    So how often should I be washing poo off my babies’ vents if there is buildup? Should I give it a day or so to try and fall off on its own or wash them daily if needed? Don’t wanna lose any to complications from pasty butt... Also, not all are getting it, only like 2.
  8. Anime2lover

    Spring of 2021 babies

    Lets see all the new babies this year. Pics of every baby bird can be posted here. I personally had two this year, my chick sadly died yesterday night (rip him/her) but her duckling clutchmate is doing well :) he/she is thriving. We have named her quackers and are hand raising her. I hope to...
  9. N

    Guess the Age! Meet my chicks!!

    Meet my five babies! 3 Rhode Island Reds and 2 Ameraucanas, all pullets (or should be) I got them from a local store on Sunday, please help me guess their age so I can take care of them the best I can! (treats, temp, etc.) Each picture is a different chicken. Thank you so much!!!!
  10. RondZee

    Midnight Majestic Marans

    So a month ago we got these chicks from a local breeder. Unusual to me was that they were cooled when we got them. It took a little longer to hatch, and we had a broody silky, she hatched 7 out of 12. 2 went missing early on, and 3 were unviable. So they hatched and they are doing fine...
  11. SnowyChickenMomma

    Barred rock Mom Buff Orphington Dad

    I wanted to share these photos of my new baby chicks I have two buff orphington purebred chicks and then I have this one barred rock that was mixed with a buff orphington and I don't remember what barred rocks look like is infant sick so I don't know if it will just turn out looking like a...
  12. B

    New Member

    Hi, besides dogs, a cat and a rabbit, we have 2 mature chickens (a polish - new to our family, a buff Brahma Bantam), 3, probably 5 or 6 week old chickens (a Well Summer hen, a black lacewing hen, and an Easter egger hen), and 6 ducks (4 cayugas, 2 Welch Harlequins) that are about 3 weeks old...
  13. kristeninprogress

    Guess This Chick!

    On today's episode of "Guess that Chick!", we have this cute three-day-old chick, straight run, and breed unknown. Clues: dark shanks with pink feet, feathered shanks, four toes, mostly yellow fuzz with maybe blue? Source: Local breeder that does purebreds only. Was supposed to be a Lavender...
  14. Blueroanpainted

    Incubator problems!

    Hi all! I have probably close to 30+ showgirl/frizzle eggs in the bator. The oldest egg in there is from February 21st. There are several eggs that where doing great, where still moving and carrying on on Friday. But no one has hatched yet. I looked in the two oldest eggs, and the first one, it...
  15. FathertoFeathers

    Why are my babies terrified of me?

    Three weeks ago I got some baby ducks and chicks from tractor supply and have been doing everything I can to get them to like me but they are scared to death of me. I’ve tried to lure them in with treats but they won’t have it. Anytime I’m near they freak out and run all over the place. I really...
  16. Paintgirl427

    Let’s see those BABY PICS ❤️❤️

    Woke up to this new little bean in the bator this morning ❤️ . Let’s see your babies !!!! 😍😍😍
  17. TheFarm2019


  18. Blueroanpainted


    Have a chick that pipped about a day and a half ago and seems like he can't get out... The membrane is very strong and dry.. I pulled back the shell in an area enough to know he can breath, and wrapped a warm wet cloth around the egg, as well as turned up humidity some... Is there anything else...
  19. Blueroanpainted

    Hello! New Hatchling

    Hello! I have been around chickens my whole life but am new to raising them. I have gotten jnto showgirls, and frizzles as a hobby and would like to talk with some experienced chicks I'm not so great at sexing them, and just in general need some guidance!
  20. HomesteaderWife

    All Grown Up Critters! - Empty Nest Therapy

    It happens with all babies... They grow up! (JoJo, a baby Khaki Campbell we raised a few years ago. Rest in peace dear) Empty nest isn't just for growing/grown children- it applies to our baby animals too. Time passes so quickly, and one minute we'e snuggling with them and the next our...
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