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  1. Christinalandry2013

    Meyer Hatchery shipping method

    Hi all, my chicks are on their way. Years back when I ordered from Mcmurray, they sent my chicks overnight. With Meyer, they shipped them this morning and I wont have them until Weds, this is making me super anxious and I feel this doesn't give my chicks the best start at life, im a wreck now...
  2. SavvySilkieMom

    Poop on feet! :( What will help?

    Hello there :) I am a mother of 2 Emotional support House Silkies. They are 1 month and the other is 1 month & 2 weeks old. I have them on Newspaper right now and ofcourse as chickens do they poop and step in it a lot. I love holding them but I have to shower right after everytime. :confused: I...
  3. emmsx3

    Incubating Eggs With a Heating Plate

    Hi Everyone! I had a hen that had laid 3 eggs earlier this month but we realize she has not returned to her eggs and for almost a week and we can't find her anywhere...:( I decided I wanted to save her eggs and I've researched different ways to make a homemade incubator. But the simplest way...
  4. SavvySilkieMom

    Anyone know of chicken diapers I can buy online?

    I have 2 pet silkies ESA. I have a room for them to be free in but I need diapers for them. I also need to know how to dispose of waste and what to line them in that isnt horrible for the enviroment. Also wondering how often I should be changing them and what to do if I am gone for more than 6...
  5. SavvySilkieMom

    Can I keep Silkie Chicks that are almost 2 weeks apart together?

    If you followed my other thread you know I had 2 white bantam silkies 12 days old today. Unfortunately after all my efforts one has passed away leaving my healthy chick very lonely. My breeder said she will replace the chick with some hatchlings she has that are black silkies. My questions is...
  6. SavvySilkieMom

    Anything else I can do for a "runt" baby silkie?

    Here are 2 previous posts: (Thank you to those who have been following me and this chick) 1: My baby chick silkie ingested a drop of dawn dish soap??? Is it fatal??? what should i watch for??? im so scared Please help!! The chick is a week old bantam silke 2: I need help she is lethargic. She...
  7. emmsx3

    Baby Chick Drinking Water But Not Eating

    Hello, This will be long but I hope you all will bare with me. I have a one month old chick (just made one month on November 13th) and she's been doing really well during her first weeks til now since we have been raising her. Just recently she had an injury when my mom was bringing her in the...
  8. A

    Identifying mysterious chick

    Hi guys. I’ve got a mystery in my hands. I have a baby chick that was born a day ago from a very small egg. I got her from a mix of barnyard eggs so I have no idea what she (or he) is. The chick is yellow fluff but I noticed it has five toes. It didn’t have black skin that I saw when it hatch...
  9. Kungfoomanda

    Baby Chick HELP! SPLAYED LEG?

    Okay, I've been researching and I'm not sure this is the case or not. This little beauty had some issues hatching. It was 2 days since it pecked through and wasn't making any progress so I help it out of it's shell (I know but the membrane was stuck to it's head as you can see in the photos.)...
  10. Serema Cockerel?

    Serema Cockerel?

    PeePee, same age as Ketchup!
  11. Olga K

    Baby chicks and emergencies.

    Hello everyone, My name is Olga K. I recently start growing chickens and I thought i was getting so knowledgable but looks like not. I wish i would start my forum with better news, but I believe I was a cause of my baby chicken terrible death by not knowing enough. I feel terrible especially...
  12. Joe n Jess

    Need advice on fertile eggs please!

    Hi everybody, one of my girls is on the brooding stage. So because I have a rooster in my flock I started to sneak different eggs under this girl hoping I will have some new babies. After a week laying down she started getting harassed by the other girls and I end up finding her on another nest...
  13. Degg1121

    Baby Chick head trauma/internal bleeding??

    HELP!! I got 8 baby chickens a few days ago from good old Tractor Supply (5 Sapphire Gem, 1 Easter Egger, and 2 Brahmas) my mother has had chickens before but these were my first very own babies. We had them in our house as they are so small and need a heat lamp still, and one of our very old...
  14. S

    Whats the gender guys?

    Hey everyone, would appreciate your help in knowing the gender of these chicks. Thanks
  15. F

    Mother & Chicks Leaving at Night

    Hi All, Our mother hen just hatched three beautiful chicks last week (Thursday) and they have been hanging out in the coop and around the yard since Monday when they came outside. They stick together and stay close to the coop. The chickens, Easter Eggers, are free-range (four ladies and a...
  16. 80lilpiyo2

    URGENT! Baby chick wont stop sneezing looks like it has trouble breathing

    Please help woke up to this little guy sneezing too often. its past noon still sneezing but less frequent and now had to clean his pasty butt. not pooping often since. Its chirping sounds so whistly and trembling each time he does. Changed the box shouldn't be dusty. It is possible it has...
  17. LunaMarieWolf

    Baby chick coughing/spitting up white foamy liquid?? HELP PLEASE!!

    I honestly wished I would have taken pictures when this happened, but I was in a state of panic and having ti deal with a hysterical little sister. I got 2 small bantams in my mail-delivered chicks from My Pet Chicken. One of my Delawares died in transit (looked like it was a "mushy" chick)...
  18. andie8707

    New born chick two broken legs

    Hey everyone, I'm new to raising chickens. I have a chick that hatched completely on its own this morning. I left it in the incubator to go run errands and when I came back I noticed that both of its legs are broken at the knee and the bones were popped out of the skin. I did my best to put them...
  19. Amandacf

    I need help with the breed as well as the sex

    Hello, I am new to this forum and absolutely love it! The information is so helpful as I am a new chicken mama. If someone could please help me with a current baby chick problem, I would truly appreciate it! I don’t know the sex of my chickens or the breeds for certain. I have done a lot of...
  20. sable43140

    What breed would you call these?

    I have a handful of lavender orpington roo over cuckoo Maran chicks in my backyard. Some have a splash looking color, two have copper feathering coming in on the neck and one is all lavender (may have been from a lavender hen). What would you call their breed, or are they just considered...
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