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  1. L

    Choose a coop for my baby chicks

    I am a newbie. I've only been learning to raise chickens since July. Now I have some baby chicks. i want to buy a chicken coop. Or I can convert an old carport or trampoline into a chicken coop. I've seen some bloggers on youtube raising chickens in a greenhouse, or maybe that's a way to go. I...
  2. MrsChickenTender

    What is wrong with this chick? Looks like tumor? (Pictures , graphic)

    My hen hatched one of her eggs last night at some point because I came out to this poor baby ... it is alive, trying to walk but just lays , wings sprawled out , barely able to cheep... also, I NEVER hold chicks like this but didn't want to touch the bloody part while handling all the other...
  3. Chickn10der

    “Assorted Bantam” chicks

    I recently got 4 new “assorted bantam” chicks and was curious if anyone could detect the actual breed? 2 are a light grey with yellow on the head and feathered feet. 1 is a mix of brown, grey, and a little yellow on the head, feathered feet. 1 is WHITE with pale clean feetsies. I know it’s hard...
  4. V


    please help me, my 2 week old Rhode Island Red chicken is limping on one foot. The foot the chick is not using is always clamped and closed and also has some kind of black dots! i can not tell if it’s a boy or a girl I think girl considering it’s fur is uneven and a little Chucky, this chick has...
  5. R

    Help! Cat attacked chick!

    2 week old baby chick got attacked by a cat. I got to it within seconds and there is a single fang puncture wound on her side, towards the leg. I followed all the advice and separated her from other chicks, cleaned and treated the wound with Neosporin. Question: how do I give antibiotic to a...
  6. B

    NEED HELP Baby chick with weak legs, trouble with walking and constantly sleeps

    We have just hatched some baby chicks in an incubator, all of them were fine except one little guy, hes around 4 days old. I noticed he has almost no strengh to walk and constantly sleeps, he drinks and eat just fine, the only time he tries to walk is when going for food, but most of the time he...
  7. JuliaChickNorris

    Chick keeps rolling piping egg.

    Good morning! ☀️😃 Last night I had one of my incubated chicks hatch and I had another egg piping and the baby chick keeps moving the piping egg will that affect the baby chick from hatching out of it? :jumpy :wee
  8. C

    One wing in 4 day old chick droopy and not working nearly as much as other side.

    I have a baby chick about 4 days old. It can walk but wobbly. Once it falls on its side that the wing seems not to be working it cannot get back up while if it falls to the side the wing looks and use is normal it catches itself from falling. I have been adding egg yolk, green tea, and a vitamin...
  9. Chinnant

    Chick poop

    Does my baby chicks poop look normal or is this worms. I got them from tractor supply not sure how old.
  10. 124chicks

    6 new baby chicks!

    Hello friends, I'm a new chicken mama and just added 6 babies: a Barnevelder, Buff Orpington, GLW, SLW, BCM, and Columbian Wyandotte. Got them from Meyer Hatchery a week ago. They are 8 days old now and seem to be thriving. I made a brooder out of a large dog crate, cardboard, and hardware...
  11. Dominique Chick

    Dominique Chick

    A very fluffy baby chicken!
  12. WakaFlockaChickens

    Baby chick with possible impacted crop - twitching head repeatedly. Advice needed!

    Hi everyone, I have a group of 5 one-week old baby chicks and last night my chocolate sexlink (that we are now affectionately calling Twitch) started shaking her head and scratching at her neck/chin area. I have checked for mites and lice and I have examined her face and beak, and there is no...
  13. ToriaBee

    One of my favorite new chicks 🥺

    I think it’s a frizzle 🥺
  14. M

    Baby Silkie Prolapse Vent & Possibly Torn. Please Help! It's been 2 days

    Hi! I have a baby Silkie about 1 week old with a prolapse vent and some of it is protruding out a lot. We're not sure if there is a tear as well since the chick is so small, it's hard to see what's going on and this is our first time encountering this. Been looking online and reading advice on...
  15. thechickenpeeps

    What happened to our baby chick with the broken leg

    A year ago we had a baby Welsummer chick that got a broken leg somehow. It was horrible seeing her not able to put any weight on it. We debated whether we should "do away with it" but decided to see how things went. We also thought about doing a splint, but I was afraid of doing it wrong and...
  16. S

    Sick baby chick! Baby chick closing eyes while standing, not moving around

    Hello there, we got baby chicks yesterday from a market, and the next day one of the four baby chicks who was doing fine yesterday is standing up and closing its eyes and isn’t moving around, the other chicks seem completely fine just eating and chirping. This one is just standing there and...
  17. Daisythechicken

    What breed is this little chick

    So i hatched these chicks a few days ago but theres this one, They're mom is a salmon faverolle and their dad is SUPPOSED to be a salmon faverolle ameracauna mix but this little chick doesnt look like dad or mom or any of their other siblings who are just yellow. Theres another rooster in the...
  18. E

    red swollen leg ?!?

    help, one of our chicks got caught in between the incubator sections and her leg is red and swollen, it looks really bad and we don’t know what to do, we can’t put a splint on it like we have in the past as it is closer to the body
  19. C

    My chicks keep dying

    Hi there, We recently got 7 chicks and 4 have died now, one by one. They act normal and then slowly get more lethargic. Their poop is brown, runny and smelly. They don’t want to use their legs. Then they will die. This is my first time with chicks and I’m so upset. We have a thermometer and...
  20. Jaimes09

    Baby chick behavior

    I have 2 chicks and i have this little guy that i found with a bald spot. I’ve seen him scratch at his head rapidly plenty of times and today i seen this. Maybe that’s what caused it but should i be worried?and could i do anything to get him to stop.
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