baby chicken

  1. thatbeechick

    Live chick stream, come and say hi!

    Hi all! :jumpy Check this out: You might remember me from the silver campine and black copper marans chick threads, I'm also a YouTuber and occasionally stream. I've got the camera live on the brooder now, come say hi. I'm chatting for a bit before bed, but...
  2. KDOGG331

    Spring Chicks!

    Anyone getting spring chicks this year!? I placed my order about a week and a half ago and I am impatiently waiting! Lol I am getting 5 chicks from Meyer Hatchery with a hatch date of April 29th and I am so excited!!! We already have 7 chickens from Meyer Hatchery and I love them. They just...
  3. Dibbendu Das

    My Cotton Balls sleeping

  4. A

    Abandoned baby chick

    Hello everyone. I found a baby chicken outside in my backyard, there was no mother around at all, I even waited 40 minutes. No sign of a mother. I brought him (or her) in and put the chick in a box, I researched what to do and fed it some wet mushy cat food. (I have two cats but I'm keeping the...
  5. A

    Sudden Loss of Leg use

    Hi guys.. really need some help and advice. I have been raising an abandoned chick around 3 weeks of age. She was abandoned by her mother and I couldn't leave her alone. I live in Singapore and the only chickens we even have around here are wild junglefowl. Tracking down chicken feed proved to...
  6. Revan

    Special chick needs a name!

    So, I have a little Cochin bantam chick that is in need of a name and I find myself grasping at straws for a suitable name. No idea of the gender, but any and all name suggestions will be considered. Now, this little peep is rather special. It hatched out from under a broody hen with several...
  7. Pratik1234

    URGENT! Dog attacked baby chicks. some survived! What to do?

    My neighbors dog attacked my 3 weeks old baby chicks. And few are alive but they are puffed up! Is there anything we can do to save them! I really want to help them. Can’t figure out what’s wrong with them. Please help.
  8. J

    HELP - Found lump/growth on baby chickens side.

    Breed: Wyandote x Frizzle Age: 1-2 months old Sex: Unsure (thinking she's a hen) Name: Ash Ash is very active, doesn't have problems walking, eats her food well, drinks plenty of water. Follows the usual routine that we have done with all our previous chicks. Overall she is a healthy...
  9. N

    Baby Chick - Scab on Vent???

    Our baby chick looks to have a scab on the vent area. I don't think it is pasty butt because it looks different. I tried taking pictures but they are kind of blurry. Has anyone else witnessed this or know what it is? The chick is not behaving any differently and isn't being picked on that I...
  10. sdmaria

    Newly hatched chick wont uncurl toes

    I'm still new to raising chickens. I've only hatched a dozen baby chicks. Today one hatched and it won't uncurl it's toes. Has anyone had this problem or is it not a problem at all and I'm just being paranoid? Informed advice would be greatly appreciated thank you.
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