baby ducks

  1. L

    Is my baby duck sick?

    I have a baby duck and lately my duck has been throwing up watery food I’m not sure if my duck is sick, does someone know why?
  2. EmRip

    Ducks for sale, Quakertown PA

    Baby Pekin ducks for sale. I hatched 13 and am willing to sell 9. Let me know if your interested Minimum number of ducks is two. Asking $12 a duck. Born June 15th, 2021 Located in Quakertown Pa. Not willing to ship, sorry.
  3. R

    New ducklings pls help

    Okay so I got two ducklings and it’s the first time I have ever done this. I think that the ducklings are about a week old. some concerns that I have are: - does the humidity % matter? - they both cuddle up against a corner a lot and idk if it’s normal? - when I take them out of the...
  4. M

    Help! My baby duck has a discolored section of feathers! Is it sick?

    Hi, my husband and I are new to raising poultry, but both are from livestock families and have grown up with cattle, pigs, sheep, etc. Last fall, we got many baby chicks from a hatchery and had no trouble with them at all! We purchased 5 ducks from Tractor Supply 2 weeks ago. This morning, one...
  5. L

    I am a duck mama!

    hi everyone! I’ve had ducks now for 3 years! I inherited my daughters 2 female Pekins when she left for college! They are a riot! They are indoor outdoor ducks and total opposites of each other...That Duck is energetic, runs everywhere and talks all the time! Pato is so chill, walks soooo slooow...
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    New Pekin Additions
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    Ducks all snuggled and warm
  8. CottageChick04

    What temperature and age is good for ducklings to play outside?

    My baby ducks are 3 days old and very energetic. They eat and drink well and are super sweet! But I feel like it would be nice to watch them enjoy the outside environment. Luckily for me, I live in Texas and the weather is always warm at this time of the year (typically in the high 80's to...
  9. L

    Week old call ducklings laying down too much today?

    I have 3 call ducklings that are a week old. Today I noticed they are laying down a lot more than normal, away from heat source. I have it set at 85 with a thermometer. Too hot? I'm not sure. They are fed purina duck starter w a protein level of 19%. They have a small bath in their enclosure...
  10. Greystone farm

    Duck breeding

    Hello and good morning! Today, I have a bunch of questions about breeding ducks. As some of you might know, I have 3 female ducks and a drake, and am expecting ducklings sometime in the future. Problem is, I don't know a thing about hatching or raising duckings! I need some help ASAP. Here are...
  11. R

    Tips and tricks?

    I just got 2 welsh harlequin ducklings they are about 1 week old now, I was just wondering if you guys could share your tips and tricks For me. This is my first time getting ducks
  12. D

    Just got baby ducklings I’m not sure what they are

    today I bought baby ducklings at tsc and I’m unsure of there breed if anybody could hypothesize what they might be that would be great!😃 Thank you!
  13. Noelkeen

    First time Hatcher need help !

    Hey guys first time buck Hatcher here. I had a baby crack his shell about 11 am yesterday (24 hours ago) his hole hasnt gotten any bigger and i can see his beak hes still alive but not making any progress on his egg at all. I had another one craxk his egg around the same time and was out about...
  14. jonesjuliejones

    Growing duck died randomly

    Hello all. I hope someone here can shed some lite on this for me. I have baby ducks...well they have grown very fast now. They are getting their new feathers so I am guessing about 8 weeks old or so. They have been in the house since I got them from Tractor Supply. I took them off the light...
  15. Joycejames

    HELPP! Baby chicks and baby ducks.

    So I’m new to this whole thing and have no clue what I’m doing. I recently bought 3 ducklings and 4 chicks from TS. I have no idea how old they are exactly or what kind they are. Right now I have a makeshift brooder out of a DG plastic tub. Please tell me everything I need to know. When I need...
  16. twinkletoes68

    New to BYC and Ducks

    Hi! We live on approximately 9 acres with a 3 1/2 acre spring-fed pond. We have always wanted chickens and ducks and have finally purchased 6 baby ducklings...they are almost two weeks old AND VERY MESSY...LOL! We are so excited about our new additions!
  17. jsroxz

    Where can I buy duck food?

    My pekin and my black runner are a month old today (happy semi-birthday to them!). A few days ago I switched them to Purina duck pellets (grower) after they had been on non-medicated chick feed as recommended by a TSC employee. It didn't take long to find out that chick feed was most definitely...
  18. Duck Diva

    Ancona Ducklings, Hatched 2/6 SE Florida Available Now!

    Ancona ducklings, 9 available. They are every bit as sweet as they look! $20 per pair, $25 for a trio. Fertile eggs also available in limited quantities. Pickup only (Vero Beach, FL) Reply here or text 772.559.7830
  19. I Like Ducks

    Can my duck become friendly?

    I have three mallards (that I have had for two days) and they let met pick them up but they often run away from me too. I want them to be more domesticated, will they ever be not so scared.
  20. tinkerjessica


    Hello, my husband and I have recently decided to expand our flock!!!! I'm looking for preferably buff, Saxony, Welsh, or other ducks!!!! I'd love young females but I'm willing to consider ducklings too!!!! Close to Tacoma but willing to reasonably travel!!!! Thank you!!!!! No muscovy or mallard...
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