backyard birds

  1. Chruk SANG

    Chick got into the swelling around of the eye! Help!

    The backyard chicken, 16 days of age and 189g thinner then the others. It's little eaten and small amount or non-drinking. Swelling around the left of eye, high temperature then other, non-mucus or no runny, slowly and also sound. It's 2days been exhibiting this symptoms and also been at the...
  2. B

    Bad Hatch!!! Sick Chicks?

    Help!! My hen went broody and hatched several chicks just recently. It was not the greatest hatch and five chicks did not live as of this moment. I have two in the house currently because they did not look well. One, named Meatloaf, was very wobbly on the day of her hatch. She seemed to get a...
  3. socalbackyard

    stumbling quail - 6 week old male

    Noticed this male having trouble walking a few days ago. No neck problems, no signs of wry neck. Still quite active, will get around to eat and drink. Water is clean, food is clean. I have checked it's legs and feet, no signs of cuts or broken bones. No other quail in the pen has similar...
  4. HorsesRMe123

    When can I let my goslings free-range unsupervised?

    My geese are almost 10 weeks old. They are both White Chinese geese. They have their own run and coop that they have access to all day long. At night, we lock them up in their coop since they are still young and we’d be worried if something might snatch them up during the night if they had...
  5. BitterSweetCitrus

    Hawks, Flocks, and Small Dogs

    Our family has a flock, we currently let our 5 Week old chicks run around in a metal pen while the girls free range. We have plenty of vultures the fly around our house, but usually not many hawks or other Ariel predators. About 7 days ago we had a hawk (I think a Red Shouldered Hawk) try to go...
  6. NSKDodge

    HELP me sex my chukar

    Why is this so difficult? Maybe someone here can see what sex my little birds are... Chukar #1 is the more petite one, the body and head are smaller but it has little bumps where spurs would be. Chukar #2 has a larger body... more block headed but zero spur bump... I asked the vet and they say...
  7. C

    Keeping safe from raccoons

    This is a kennel that surrounds my chicken coop. It has chicken wire across the top and a tarp. The coop has windows that is hard even for me to open. It has a ramp and ramp door as well as a bigger door for me to get in. We do have 4 dogs as well but I'm afraid that it's not going to do much...
  8. Agnila

    Duck continuously drinks nothing but water.

    It's been 4 days since my male duck is acting strange.At first he didn't co operate with any of us..Not even with his fellow ducks.He stayed far from us and kept hiding himself from us.He stopped eating his meals and started drinking water continuously.I sensed something was wrong with him and...
  9. MrsANC

    Duck ownership in Bradenton Florida

    Hello, I am new here and saw this thread about backyard ducks. Does anyone know if it’s legal to have ducks as pets in Bradenton, Florida? Or if you have to get any permits? I am hoping to get 2 Indian runners and 2 Peking ducks. No drakes. I would like to eventually get the limited license...
  10. B

    Changing local laws about keeping backyard chickens

    Hi, I live in Bethel CT, and because I am on less than one acre I am not allowed to keep chickens. I would love some advice on how to change the local ordinances and perhaps find others living in my town who would like to get together to make this happen.
  11. shoezanne

    Hawk deterrant?

    So my babies are 4 weeks old yesterday! We live within the city limits of San Diego, with canyons all around... and hawks are not uncommon. Is there some big plastic owl or something I can put on my roof to scare them away when I can safely let my girls out to free range? 2nd question, we...
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