bacterial infection

  1. C

    Anyone do a skin biopsy on their duck?

    I'm curious about whether anyone has ever had a skin biopsy done on their duck. I am trying to figure out next steps for my Pekin duck Penny who has some sort of bacterial skin infection. She's been to see an avian vet twice now. She's tried 5 different antibiotics, injectable meds for...
  2. K

    Please help! I believe a bacterial infection is killing my girls!

    Sorry for the chapter book I'm about to write. I'm heartbroken. I only have 3 girls and now 2 are gone. I'm so upset, I did everything I could right. I tried to do everything by the books and speak to people here and I knew about raising chickens, and then one died suddenly two weeks ago. I had...
  3. L

    Lethargic rooster. Sitting/sleeping with beak in the ground.

    My poor boy. I’ve got an entirely new flock of 11 birds. Mixed bunch of small Japanese variety and big polish. My sick bird is a polish rooster. Not sure how old, maybe a year. He’s very lethargic, not exploring with the rest of the flock even when I bring out fresh food (veg, fruit scraps). He...
  4. Citychickengal

    Bright green runny poop & squishy crop - please help, desperate!

    If anyone can help I would so appreciate it - I’m desperate here, I have no idea what is wrong with my hen! She’s about 6.5 months old, and not yet started to lay eggs. She free ranges in my backyard with 10 other chickens, none of whom show any signs of illness. I first noticed that my one...
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