1. TheCookyChickenLady

    Serama Bantam Tips

    Hey! I have a few Seramas and was wondering if y’all have any tips for care for them or bantams as a whole! I love learning new things to help my chickens! Thanks! (p.s. I attached a pic of one of my Serama’s, Penelope exploring an old rabbit pen!)
  2. TheCookyChickenLady

    Bantam enrichment

    Hello all, Not sure if this is the right topic selection but I have a Serama bantam hen that is currently hanging out in the enclosed run part of the coop and gets quite bored. The coop is quite large and she is a quite small bird so space isn’t an issue. I got her from a friend a month ago. She...
  3. Little Chicken Lady

    When did your bantam cochins start laying?

    When did your bantam cochins start laying? Mine is 13 weeks old with bright red comb and wattles, and she squats when I put my hand over her back. I wasn't expecting eggs anytime soon because I've heard that cochins take a long time to mature, but she appears to be ready to lay. Is it possible...
  4. MamaBunBun

    Help Identifying Bantams

    Hi all! I got 8 baby Bannies and I need help identifying. I think most are hens, but possibly a roo. I’ve numbered them 1-8. If I need better individual pics, I can post that as well. All have the cutest little feathery legs and egg tooth's. Thank you all for your help!
  5. iroeldjoeldj

    Available Chickies Southern California

    Chickies are flying out of the coops! While I love to keep all ages, lately the chickies have been flying the coop! Let me know if you have been waiting for chickies…I have a large assortment of ages, and breeds. I love to put together multiple breeds in a coop, so you can bring them home...
  6. B

    Help sexing Cochins, Polish, & Japanese bantams 2 months old

    Hey y’all :frow I have 8 bantams- 4 polish, 3 Cochins, and 1 Japanese. They are almost 9 weeks old, so basically 2 months old. I’m usually good at guessing gender, but this bunch has me all confused lol So let’s get right into it. Suspected Boys Emmet- frizzle polish bantam Lily- polish...
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