1. Raptor-tooth

    Watermaal comb genetics?

    Hello! I've found myself in possession of a trio of quail watermaal as the founders of my first breeding project. I have a hen with great coloring, but 5 spikes on her comb as well as it being a bit large and a rooster with mediocre coloring but he's got a nice rose comb with 3 spikes. The...
  2. auspiciouschickens

    help! Roos comb turning purple

    Hello Everyone, so today i was feeding my chickens when i realized my five year old dwarf bantam roosters comb was slowly turning purple at the end and that got me a little worried. i read some articles that it may be oxygen deprivation due to something stuck in a chickens throat but i’m not...
  3. MelBrown13

    New Member from Utah - Introduction

    Since I have no idea what sort of information to include in my introduction, I'm using the handy template provided. :) (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? We are VERY new to chickens. We bought a new (to us) home a few months ago, and there was already a nice coop...
  4. S

    Can’t figure out why they are dying.

    Hi all, I am so sad, I’ve lost three chicks today and another is on the way out. I cannot figure out what is wrong! Several weeks ago I had a hen that didn’t come out of the coop, I thought she was just broody so I left her alone. I checked on her later that day and she looked asleep but her...
  5. Mikelle

    Looking for some bantams

    Hi, I'm Mikelle. I've been around a lot of chickens, but this will be my first attempt at keeping them. Would love to find a bantam breed that is a high egg producer. My home is in the mountains of southeastern Oklahoma, around Poteau. Any advice is welcome. Thanks.
  6. O

    Hens Not Laying

    About 1 and 1/2 months ago I got 4 bantams (2 silkies, 1 chamois polish and 1 pekin). The farm I got them from stated that all their chickens are from 16-20 weeks old when sold. I was wondering if anyone knew how long it would take for them to start laying? And also does anyone have any advice...
  7. E

    Looking for bantams or small standards in CT

    Hello everyone! I have two bantams and have room in my CT backyard for maybe 3 more bantams/small standards at the most. Preferably two I think. Does anyone have any available for sale? I really don’t want the little babies to deal with long shipping through different states. If pick up is an...
  8. K

    Tylan 200 doses

    Hello all, i’ve owned my silkie chickens for two years everything was great until I started letting them free range about 8mths ago. I’ve lost a few to I’m assuming respiratory infection. A few have swollen eyes. About 6 weeks ago I tried Tylan200 Orally which worked for some but a few are...
  9. Sunshinee

    Serama / bantams with regular sized chickens

    I was thinking about getting some seramas or bantams. However I’ve never owned any just regular sized chickens. So the question is can the seramas cohabitate with the bigger chickens or do they need their own area and coop? thanks 😊
  10. M

    Help with breeds and sex

    I have a group of bantams (assorted) that are from our happy local farm store. Im hoping to get some advice on possible breeds or are they mixed breed. I have a few suspects for the males but would love some pro-tips
  11. Laura_tudor

    Please help a newbie out!

    Hi all I'm new here so please be nice. I'm new to this page and new to being a crazy chicken lady!! I've just welcomed 4 bantam chicks to our home, I dont know what sex they are yet hoping you can help a girl out and shed some light. I'm guessing I have 3 of one and 1of the other, chick 2 just...
  12. Laura_tudor

    Newbie needs your help!!

    Hi all I'm new here so please be nice. I'm new to this page and new to being a crazy chicken lady!! I've just welcomed 4 bantam chicks to our home, I dont know what sex they are yet hoping you can help a girl out and shed some light. I'm guessing I have 3 of one and 1of the other, chick 2 has...
  13. E

    I want to keep all the bantams!

    Hi All, New to chickens, and am just starting off with 2 different bantam flocks Flock 1 - 2 Mille Fleur, 2 Porcelains, 1 brown OE, and a Golden Seabright about 10 weeks old. 3 cockerels 3 pullets Flock 2 - 2 silkies, and 2 unknowns about 4 weeks old. No idea on sex yet. My goal is to...
  14. Lorraine Forster

    Feather sexing

    I have 4, almost 3 week old, Mille Fleurs d'Uccle chicks. I have attached photos of their wings in hope someone out there will be able to take an educated guess at their sex. Beige feathers #1 Dark feathers #2 White feathers #3 Beige tipped feathers #4
  15. M

    TSC Bantams

    I got these bantam chicks at TSC a couple days ago. No one working there had any idea what they were. Can anyone help me out? I'm pretty sure 2 of them are silkies or cochins because they have feathered feet... Other than that I'm pretty much at a total loss. I'll get some better pictures of...
  16. C

    What kind of bantams do I have?!?!

    Hi! I’m looking for help identifying my assorted bantams. here’s my thoughts... Chick #1 - 4 weeks old. Solid White Old English Game Bantam? Roo or Hen? Chick #2 - 1 week old I believe. Mille Fleur D’Uccle?.... or at least I hope.... bc of the dots on wings and the super feathery feet...? We...
  17. B

    Mystery Chick? 5 toes TSC Bantam Mix

    We went to TSC and picked out some new chicks we picked 4 completely different ones out of the bantams bin. This little one has feathered feet, yellow skin, 5 toes and is red and yellow but her wings are starting to look frizzled We have no clue what she is Does anyone know what she maybe?
  18. LunaMarieWolf

    Anyone have photos of porcelain d'uccle crosses?

    Hi everyone. I have a small Porcelain D'uccle roo who runs around with a silver sebright, cream easter egger, and splash silkie hen. I am hatching out eggs from the silver sebright and silkie. Does anyone have any photos of what the babies may look like? Or have a general idea of what the...
  19. Padge94

    Help with chick breeds!

    Hello! Would anybody be able to help me ID my four new chicks? We were sold 2x araucana and 2x mixed bantams and don't know who's who! Only one (orange/yellow chick) is smaller than the rest. All about 2 weeks. Thanks 😊
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