1. W

    The banties are 6 weeks now!

  2. rosaroca

    Oklahoma City Lemon Blue bantams FREE

    I have a week long horse show starting sept 9th and need to place a group of my pretty Lemon Blues My handicapped sister can’t get easily to the pen where they’re kept and I’m afraid she’ll fall if she tries. One LB rooster and 4 or 5 hens all need to find a new home immediately. They’re...
  3. W

    What breeds are these mixed bantams from the feed store?

    Hi! I put three bantams on hold at the feed store to add to my flock, and these are what they set aside for me. What breeds do I have here? And if any of them are sexable by color, let me know that too! Thanks!
  4. Hannahnic14

    I need chicken names!!

    So I have a gold sebright, a silver sebright, porcelain d'uccle and mille fleur d'uccle that need names! All are female, lucky me! Lol Here are some of the names of my other bantams if it helps! Loco Rico - gold sebright roo Reagan - cochin roo Lady - mille fleur d'uccle (Reagans girlfriend)...
  5. BlueHorse17

    Serama x Old English Chicks - Olympia, WA

    Hello! I have a group of Serama x Old English chicks available. Straight run for $5 each.
  6. EmRip

    What type of Bantam is this?

    I have two Golden Laced Sebright Bantams but Im not sure what the white ones are, Sebright standard colors are golden and silver. Any ideas on the breed?
  7. ame087192

    Free to good home Fresno, CA

    Hi there! I have 4 bantam chickens in need of a forever home. They were raised by a hen, so they are hardy outdoor and ranging birds. One is a bantam barred rock or Plymouth (rooster), and the other three appear to be Japanese bantams. I am in Clovis ca but happy to bring them to a surrounding...
  8. ChickenWhisperer101

    What hatcheries sell silkies and other bantams? +Best bantam breeds

    I have 2 silkies, and i love them! I will be moving my chickens to more land in June, and will be getting more chicks from McMurray Hatchery. All of their silkies are always sold out, and i was wonder what other good hatcheries sell silkies. I'm interested in possibly starting a bantam flock...
  9. J

    Baby Bantams Won't Leave Plate...

    I have 11 one day old bantams and they have slept in a big huddled ball under the heat plate and haven't come out once. Not to eat or drink. Not at all. When you lift the heat plate they really huddle together. Its against there back and warm. Is this normal?
  10. Beacon Point Ratite Ranch

    Need Help Identifying Silkie Chick Colors

    Hello all! I'm new to breeding silkies and I need help identifying the colors of the new chicks that just hatched. I've searched all over for some sort of silkie chick color chart, but the best I've found is a chart of adult colors, which doesn't help me with babies. Can you guys tell what...
  11. B

    All new mixed coop - bantams AND full size?

    We are getting 5/6 full size POL hens this weekend, all hybrid mixed breeds. No hens or roosters at the property currently. While there, I had hoped to also pick up one or two Pekin Bantams to add in with the coop at the same time. As none of the hens have lived together before, do I stand a...
  12. wilsonnickp

    Our Chickens and Goats are friends.

    Just thought I'd share his video of all of us hanging out last night. Our goats and chickens are separated most of the time, but they do seem to enjoy some time together every now and then.
  13. wilsonnickp

    Some Good Chick Pics

    Just wanted to share some good pictures of our flock.
  14. TheLittleDragonTribe

    Mystery Chicks

    Salutations! I recently aquired some chicks from the TSC "Bantam Bin" and I have no idea what breed they are! I'm guessing they are almost two weeks old? Chick 1# Chick 2# Chick 3# Chick 4# Chick 5# They all have the "chipmunk" coloring but Chick 1# has a yellow head and less fuzzy...
  15. E

    Bantams in the yard

    How do bantams do in the yard? I have two that have only ever been in the coop/run (they are only 8 months old about). But now that the snow has melted my two buffs want to get out and hunt for bugs and things. The buffs know not to go into the neighbors yard (they have dogs and unfortunately my...
  16. ActualBadger

    Brooder Ideas for 16 Bantam Chicks?

    I've gotten really attached to the idea of getting bantams this June, but I'm still unsure about brooder size. I think I'll be getting 15 or 16 straight run bantams, raising them until they can be put in the coop (so around 6 weeks) and then keeping around 8-10 and selling or giving away the...
  17. C

    March 2021 hatch along! All species welcomed

    Hi everyone I'm new to BYC and have afew eggs hatching March 4th and I wanted to invite everyone to share what they have cooking in the incubator!
  18. MysteryChicken

    How Many People Are Wanting Bantams This Spring?

    Hello I might be selling a bunch of Bantams for a fair price, & was wanting to know how many of you maybe interested. Just waiting to hear my sister's decision in this.
  19. Shell from Zim

    Will all my chicks have crests

    Hi All, I have 2 mixed breed hens who are wheaten with some black barring, no crests. The cockerel is a crested sulmtaler, with a pretty big fluffy crest. 15/16 of their chick's have hatched today. 1 still under one of the hens. They have hatched with the chipmunk striped pattern on the body...
  20. LindsaykayeBollinger

    Looking to see some pics of Cochin bantams

    Hello there! I keep cochin bantams and breed for fun! I just made an order for some golden laced, black and white mottled, self blue and birchen. I’ve never raised these before and would love to see them at any age. Any info on particular colors or advice would be accepted with JOY! Thank...
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