1. H

    pullet not thriving, malabsorption?

    Hi, I have been given a couple pullets with problems. The lady made her own feed mix, Austrian peas and barley, and I don't know what else. Would this be sufficient? One has wry neck and the other can't walk and is still fairly emaciated after two weeks. She eats well enough, we have commercial...
  2. CanadaEh

    sprouting grains is pointless unless for greens?

    It appears that if I have access to other greens for chickens during the winter time, I should not grow fodder from grains as it results in a net loss of nutritional value of the feed? And better nutrients availability and savings on feed is a gimmick? complete article at University of...
  3. Sussex123

    Feeding Wheat to Poultry

    Hi, I am after a cheaper alternative to having poultry for feed and I can buy wheat and / or barley at a very cheap price per ton. I was wondering if I could give it to my pekin ducks, muscovy ducks, saxony ducks and sussex chickens as their only diet from my. I would give them probably about...
  4. classicsredone

    Where to find gluten free fodder seed?

    I have Celiac, and I'm trying to reduce my exposure to gluten via chicken feed products. Just getting the dust down my nose and into my throat can leave me very sick, and I definitely do not enjoy purging like I am filming a remake of The Exorcist. I'd like to start fodder for my chickens, but I...
  5. Gammond

    Homemade Hen Feed - Expert help needed!

    We have 70 hens. I found an ad in the local paper advertising homemade chicken feed. Can you tell me what you would have mixed as far as ratios and types of grains? I am no expert and don't really understand how it all works. I do want to keep protein quite high: around 19-22%. What would you...
  6. lazy gardener


    Garden season is winding down. I will be picking up some barley and BOSS this weekend. Don't intend to start sprouting until the birds no longer have access to the yard, but I'll be ready! Any one sprouting whole corn for their birds?? I'm toying with the idea of picking up a couple pounds...
  7. lazy gardener

    Winter greens

    I'm trying to plan winter greens for my flock. In the past, I've sprouted wheat or barley. Often, I add millet, BOSS, and even some forage seed mixes intended for deer plots. Whole barley is around $20/50#. I have yet to find a source of whole wheat. Wheat is reported to be slightly...
  8. S

    I need help with my sprouts

    I am having so much trouble growing my barley sprouts. The last batch I did they dried out too often too forever to grow. I'm trying to get about 3 inches of green before feeding to my gals. I finally fed it to them after about 1.5 weeks because I was worried waiting too long would make it...
  9. Farmer Connie

    "Your" Thoughts on "Brewers Barley Grain"

    What are your thoughts about using Breweries Barley Grain as a SUPPLEMENTAL FEED? I have a consistent supply that I am receiving for free. And on the day they drained it. Keeping it fresh is my only burden. I have been feeding my swine with it for awhile now.
  10. cmitchee

    Indiana feed store? Looking for barley..

    Anyone know of any feed stores in central Indiana that sells bulk barley or wheat? I want to start growing fodder but can't seem to find a place that isn't online...
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