1. calichooks

    Dwarf Barnevelder Hen?

    I couldn’t figure out what thread for put this in because nothing seemed to totally match. Anyhow we ordered 20 chicks in April, all 20 survived and we sold 12 of them leaving us with 8 beautiful friendly little hens. We had 4 barnevelders and 1 cockerel and 2 pullets would beat the living...
  2. eveleychook

    4-5 Week Old Chicks Gender HELP!

    I have a few chicks to which I am unsure of gender. A barred rock, aracauna, blue or splash australorp, gold laced wyandotte, silver laced wyandotte and gold laced barnevelder. Please see below images. Pingu the Australorp Sybil the SLW Goldie the GLW Beatrice the Barred Rock...
  3. ChickChic00

    Barnevelder Crosses?

    Does anyone have any pictures of any Barnevelder Crosses? Any help and or pictures would be very much appreciated!! Thanks for the time!
  4. samcrook2

    Sexin barnevelder

    This is my first time raising barnevelder chicks. They are from two genetic lines which also doesn’t help with sexing them against each other. I was sure they were both pullers from the speed they both were feathering up and the length of their wings at 10+ days. Wanted to see others opinions as...
  5. L

    Barnevelder or golden laced Wyandotte?

    Hey everyone! I recently purchased what are supposed to be 3 barnevelder pullets from a local hatchery. I can't have a rooster where I live, so I'm a little obsessive watching them for any ideas of what they might end up being, and looking through all the photos online, I'm starting to suspect...
  6. R

    Sexing Vorwerks, Buffs, Blacktails and Barnevelders

    Hi everyone, This is my first post so hello! Our previous hens were taken by a fox about 10 weeks ago. After that happened we decided to incubate and hatch our own chicks so that our 4 children could understand and enjoy the experience. Out of 8 eggs, 7 hatched 2 x Vorwerk 2 x Buff Orpington...
  7. K

    Help with sexing Barnevelder

    Hello! My Barnevelders are only a week apart, but they have distinct differences and personalities. The one on the right (in the photo with the girl holding one) has a lighter chest, bigger legs, and bigger pinkish comb. Could she be a cockerel? 4 1/2 weeks on right, 3 1/2 on left. All other...
  8. raenapaige

    Blue double laced barnevelder chick photos

    We are trying to decide if our four week old barnevelder, who was labeled as blue double laced, may be just a classic barnevelder. She is darker than we expected at this point and we aren’t finding much out there to compare her to. Does anyone have photos of their blue double laced chicks around...
  9. K

    Barnevelder pullets?

    Hi all, I have two chicks that are supposed to be Barnevelder pullets. The first one pictured (ignore barred rock behind) looks pretty standard to me, you can see the double-lacing coming in. The second one, however, doesn't look the same at all. Not even sure whether it's a Barnie or not...
  10. calichooks

    selling roo- how to make sure he goes to a good home?

    i’m selling a pair of barnevelders on craigslist that i raised from chicks. one lady came by and picked up 9 pullets, and by the way she treats them and updates us on the little gals, we know they’ll be in good hands. however, the barnevelders are a male and female pair, and for a good price...
  11. calichooks

    hen or roo?

    we’re pretty sure our 2 1/2 week old barnevelder(??) is a male. ordered all females but they can only guarantee so much, and of the four, this little one is the only one who’s developed such a red comb. the legs on it are also pretty strong as well. is he a barnevelder, and is he a he? he’s next...
  12. calichooks

    4 barnevelder- is one a boy?

    i know they’re still far, far too early to tell for sure- but i have four barnevelders, with three developing at the same rate and one feathering behind. i’ve heard and read about smaller wings & no tail leaning towards being a roo, so i’m curious- he and my other 99% sure roo chick are the only...
  13. J


    Hey there, I have three new chooks, should be two barnevelders and one gold laced Wyandotte. Bit worried the Wyandotte is a roster, they are approx 7-8 weeks old thank you 🌻
  14. reesechickpic

    help me identify the breed and gender of my chicks

    The above chick was sold to us as a female ameracauna. I think it might be a cream legbar. Any thoughts? what do we think about this being a female production red? female the only thing I've found about this color pattern is that they might be hyline chicks...? any info about these? female...
  15. reesechickpic

    help me identify the breeds and genders of my chicks

    These chicks were sold to us sexed as pullets. The yellow one was supposed to be a cream leg bar, however, I think it's more like a leghorn. any thoughts? the brownish one I believe is a barnevelder. This is not their normal set up, I was taking two at a time out on this towel with some food and...
  16. sarahup

    ISO DL Silver Barnevelder. Black Cooper Marans, Lavender Orpington

    Looking for Double Laced Silver Barnevelder. Black Copper Marans, and Lavender Orpington hatching eggs. Hoping someone sells (and ships to MA) 2 or even all 3 of these. Must be purebred and a good SOP-centered breeding program :jumpy:fl
  17. qopt

    Baby Chicks Fear Me

    Okay, I am not sure if I am posting this in the right spot because I am new to the site. Bare with me! I just got my first ever chickens, 5 Barnevelder Chicks! It's been 5 days since I have gotten them, I got them from a local farm store. I am assuming the farm store got them around the...
  18. ChickenMaddy

    Barnevelder or Welsummer...?

    So I picked up this little cutie (Leia) yesterday. Have been told by the seller she’s a single laced barnevelder but I’m more inclined to think she may be a welsummer or welsummer x barnevelder. Any ideas? I’ve never had either breed before so not sure what to look for.
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