1. T

    Orpington/Barnvelder Comb Health

    Hello! I am a first time chicken owner! have a small flock of 5 hens (21 weeks old) Three are orpingtons and two are barnvelders. I received them from My Pet Chicken’s hatchery and have raised these girls since they were just a few days old. Since they were chicks a few have had relatively...
  2. ChickChic00

    Barnevelder Chicks

    Does anyone know what my barnevelder Chicks will look like? I have some already big, but I just got these chicks today. Some are really dark, almost black. And some are more light and have like and off white/cream color on their back. Any help is appreciated! Any pictures would be great too!
  3. N

    Help sexing my chicks please!

    9 weeks ago we got 12 day old heritage chicks in the hope to get at least 6 egg laying hens, and now I fear I have 10 roosters!!!!! Breeds are Easter Egger, Wyandotte, Pekin, and Barnvelder
  4. Rockporters

    MA/NH: Showgirl, Isbar, Barnvelder, Polish, and Legbar Roosters

    Cross posting with state forums and CL. We are starting to be outnumbered by cockerels around here. All purebred and from very good lines. We are located in MA/NH...sorry, no, we can’t ship. If interested in updates pics of a certain one, please let me know. Looking to rehome the following: 18...
  5. green_thumb

    1st Timers- Recent Chicks? Breeds? Come share pictures!

    I've spent most of my time so far in the coop/run forums and I am so excited to make the jump over to here. I'm a first-time chicken wrangler and am set to pick my chicks up at Meyer Hatchery on May 28th (I'm lucky I live only 45 minutes away!!) Here is what I have ordered: 4 buckeye females...
  6. Kris5902

    Normal Barnvelder behavior? crazy chickens

    Hi, this is my first real flock (we have some older production layers here, but they aren’t mine) and I decided to try out several different breeds. The Chickens are about 8 weeks, fully feathered, and about to go outside. I’ve been trying to handle them so they aren’t too wild once they are...
  7. MomTooMany

    Barnvelder... doubtful and Deleware roo or hen?

    The "Barnie" is about 4 months old and I'm more sure it's female, but it sure doesn't look like a real Barnvelder. What is Phoenix? Rescued a Deleware from a feed store today... way overcrowded and just sad. Anyway, I asked him was he sure it's a hen and he said yes. In daylight (which the poor...
  8. M

    4 bantam Double laced silver Barnvelder chicks, 1 week old. Central OK

    These babies are a week old today & doing awesome! I am only selling because I misread the posting when I purchased the eggs and didn't realize they are bantam, and as all of my other birds will be standard, I would rather they be as well. They were given probiotics after hatching & are on 100%...
  9. M

    Joining the cool chicken club

    Hey everyone, I'm a PA transplant to Oklahoma... Got our first chickens last year, out of 6 we have 2 hens. This year I'm adding quite a few more with hopes of selling eggs & chicks. Currently I have 1 RIR rooster & 2 buff orpington hens. I have silver Laced Barnvelders hatching this coming week...
  10. Theresa21

    Avian Pox and a Respiratory illness?

    I have a 6 month old Barnvelder hen who is showing symptoms of what I believe are Avian Pox (the spots on her comb & wattle) and a respiratory illness (the foamy eye). I haven't seen either of these symptoms in my birds before, and have made these assumptions based on research I've done here at...
  11. AllensBackyardBarnyard

    New to chickens & new to BackyardChickens, but loving it!!

    Hubby and I started our very own flock in the spring of this year (2017). I had absolutely no experience with fowl, except faint childhood memories of my daddy having fightin chickens, and my uncle's farm where they roamed free & pooped everywhere. Bleah!! He talked me into it, and I agreed...
  12. C

    Barnvelder swallowed a screw

    I had a warning 10 minutes earlier, where my silver Dorking noticed I was getting pretty frantic trying get hold of a flat head, inch long screw I dropped near the coop. Couldn't believe how interested she was in getting hold of it, knowing any new item of food put into the run is usually shown...
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