1. Rcornerranch

    Baytril injections in wing

    Vet told us to give 1 ml baytril injections in our rooster’s wing. How do you give wing injections? I read some awful things about baytril injections. Will he be ok if we give him the injections the vet gave us? backstory: We took a 6 month old Australorp rooster in to the vet yesterday, and he...
  2. K

    possible mycoplasma in 4 week old silkie taking Baytril

    Hello, I'm a first time chick mom, 3 weeks ago I got 9 1-week old chicks (7 of them from one pair of parents and 2 of them from another, from the same breeder, no MG free certifications here in a small city in mexico) they had been all raised together for at least 4 weeks, and were all...
  3. M

    Baytril dose and type?

    I’m looking at buying baytril (the oral solution) for my hen that has a sinus infection. Should I buy the 10% or the 2.5? and what is the correct dosage? she’s about 10 years old and I’d say around 4-5 pounds
  4. M

    I believe my hen has a respiratory illness

    I have an older hen (10 yrs) and for the past few weeks she has been exhibiting signs of what I would think is a mild respiratory illness or sinus infection (I say mild because she's doing great apart from her symptoms and is very alert and active for her age). Her symptoms include: occasional...
  5. R

    Swollen Eye

    The following did work for my chicken Swollen eye, closed by eye lid swelling, weeping, the smell of necrotic tissue. Read on and you will find out why it got that far along. Early intervention is best. 7.00 Baytril 2.5% Injection. Given 0.6 mL orally twice a day for 5 days (crop feeding)...
  6. VictoriaP

    Hen lame and knuckling after vaccine in thigh - help!!

    Hi! My hen hasn’t been doing well, so after taking her to the vet, I was sent home with some Baytril injections to give her intramuscularly. When I went to give her the first injection in her breast, her pectorals were basically nonexistent. She’s incredibly thin and her keel is so sharp :( I...
  7. MichelleKing

    DASH UPDATE!!! Bumblefoot being cured by Baytril

    Original ---> Posting this here for reference in case anyone is searching for treatment of bumblefoot. Long story short Dash, my quail, had bumblefoot. She didnt have the normal big black spot...
  8. Baytril (Enrofloxacin) Sources

    Baytril (Enrofloxacin) Sources

    Baytril (Enrofloxacin) No prescription needed Banned for use in poultry, so read this before using: FDA bans enrofloxacin use in poultry Consult a veterinarian for dosing instructions Generic 10% (100mg/ml) prices start at $22.47: I...
  9. Crazychookchick

    Respiratory Infection, Gapeworm, Egg Peritonitis or Something Else?

    Hi all. I’ve been following for a long time but just recently created an account. I have a 1 year old Salmon Favorelle Hen that is in distress. I’ve read through more threads than I can count and I’m seeking advice/diagnosis. She first began showing symptoms a week ago I’ve had her in the house...
  10. MichelleMC

    Giving an injection to 2 yo male pekin: swollen leg

    Hello, I have a 2 year old male pekin who has had a swollen, hot leg for several months, on and off. For the last few weeks it has been persistent and getting worse. We have taken him to the vet 3x now over the past year, and though the vet tries to help he is not really a specialist in poultry...
  11. Chickadee1982

    Dosage for Enrofloxacin for a 4lb hen

    I just received a 200ml bottle of Enrofloxacin. My Spanish is a little rusty and i need to know the exact dosage for a 4lb hen. It's the oral liquid. Please help! TIA
  12. laila143

    Using Cipro Instead of Baytril?

    Hi everyone - Can I use Cipro instead of Baytril? My favorite hen has gotten a case of Egg Yolk Peritonitis (EYP). I’m positive of this, as I’ve had 3 others over the years with the exact same symptoms. After searching this forum, it seems that some have had success with Baytril antibiotic. I...
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