beak bleeding

  1. wat_da_cluck

    Beak injury - is she rubbing it on something?

    This morning is the second time my Plymouth barred rock showed up with a beak injury. Originally I thought maybe she got into a fight with some thing (rat, weasel, chipmunk) but now I think it’s self inflicted. Or at least this time it is. You can see it’s right where the beak meets her head...
  2. Scareab

    Beak problem!

    Hello! I have a 18 week silver laced wyandotte and I came to check on them and her beak was all bloodied! It looks like the top layer of the front beak had chipped off. It seems like she’s in pain and eats very carefully. Is there anything I can do to help her? Will it grow back?
  3. M

    Help! Injured duck!

    I need some advice from some seasoned duck owners. I had a bird mauled this evening, it looks like something grabbed her by the beak and she got away somehow. The entire top half of her beak has been ripped isn't gone, but the fleshy potion is all exposed and her nostrils were ripped...
  4. mandymcg05

    Baby chick has wound under beak (Photo)

    Found little Peep this morning with somewhat of a sore under his beak? Otherwise seems totally fine/normal. Should I separate her from the others? It’s hard/dried so there’s no active bleeding. I can’t tell if any of them have been picking on her. She has no other spots/sores on her. Any...
  5. Herittavityuk

    Injured beak

    I have three hens that seem to get along quite fine, but I noticed one of my hens had a injured beak. The tip is cracked and the top of it was hit hard enough it bled and clotted. It seems like it could have happened a couple days ago. She is eating and drinking fine but I want to know if...
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