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beak damage

  1. wat_da_cluck

    Beak injury - is she rubbing it on something?

    This morning is the second time my Plymouth barred rock showed up with a beak injury. Originally I thought maybe she got into a fight with some thing (rat, weasel, chipmunk) but now I think it’s self inflicted. Or at least this time it is. You can see it’s right where the beak meets her head...
  2. P

    Outer layer of Rooster Beak has Come Off

    Hello. I have a very cool Rhode Island Red rooster. He is an Elder bird and quite old. I recently noticed that his beak looked bizarre, like the top beak had snapped off at a 90 degree angle. I brought him into our quarantine zone to get a better look at him, and it appeared that the outer...
  3. Kris5902

    Please help with damaged beak! Rooster, insect bite. Swollen face

    Yesterday morning my rooster was perfectly fine, but sometime between then and this morning I believe he was bitten on the face by something and has had a fairly severe reaction. I dosed him with some Benadryl about 1/4 of a 25mg tablet at 11 am and redosed him again about 5 minutes ago when I...
  4. Jvklol

    possibly dislocated quail jaw

    Hello, I’m new to this website but I’m looking for advice. My Japanese quail recently injured her beak. Her jaw is slightly twisted which has made it difficult and painful for her to rip apart food. Thankfully she CAN eat and drink. So I kept her inside for two days to keep a close eye on her...
  5. slukeplass22

    5 yr. Hen injured, now has dislocated beak

    So my 5 year old Easter Egger was picked up by my mother about 2.5 ft. above the ground before she fidgeted and tumbled out of her arms, and landed on her back in the grass and rolled over onto her feet. I examined her face and neck area and she seemed perfectly fine - no signs of injury as far...
  6. E

    Goose attacked by dog

    My goose was attacked by the neighbours dog today and lost about 1.5cm of beak. I have put antiseptic on the beak, and washed it out (it was bleeding quite a lot). The vet that deals with geese is not working right now, or probably for at least a couple of more days. What should I do? Do beaks...
  7. MangTheRooster

    Black Spots/Peeling Beak

    Hey so my Mang has some black spots on his beak. I don't think it's fowl pox , does it have something to do with his beak growing? Because it's also peeling I think.
  8. MangTheRooster

    Please help Mangs Beak

    I noticed that Mangs beak is chipped and peeling. I also noticed a red spot. Should I be worried? Is this the reason why he's sleeping all day?
  9. Chickens :)

    Is this normal broody behaviour?

    hello everyone. I have a broody hen that has been sitting on her eggs for a week now but I have noticed some strange behaviours. There are two other broody hens that I put eggs under at the same time and they are doing really well. They get off the eggs twice a day and eat and drink, the other...
  10. Sjbuff

    Cut on beak

    when we were setting up the coop last night one of the chicks ran into the chicken wire and scraped the top of her beak. It doesn’t seem to bother her but it did bleed a little. Should I be concerned?
  11. P

    Tip of break cracked

    My 10-week-old pullet has a crack on the tip of her beak. Is this severe enough to require medical attention or is it okay to let it work itself out? If it does require attention, what should I do? I'm a first-time chicken mama so this is totally new to me.
  12. J

    Duck with injured beak! Help.

    My 2 month old Pekin duck woke me up this morning covered in blood. His nail on the end of his beak is almost completely torn off. No vets in the area will see ducks. I’ve rinsed twice today with saline solution. I’m not sure what else to do! He is bleeding quite a bit!
  13. E

    Beak injury on Coturnix

    hi all, I went to do my morning rounds in the pen and found one of my silvers bloody. It’s as if her beak has had the “shell” broken off of it. I can’t figure out how this could have happened and the other three with her have not been aggressive and have no blood on them. I have her in a cat...
  14. RedDrgn

    Upper Beak Broken Off

    Came home and let the flock out of the run to roam about the yard and noticed that something wasn't right with our cockerel's beak; apparently, he somehow broke it. He's more than willing to eat and drink, but is hesitant about it because I'm pretty sure it hurts him (back to the quick), on top...
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