1. Gypsy77

    Peacocks Anyone?

    So, my aunt is rasing Peafowls (peacocks), well I decided I'd like to try. I've never really eaten one, but the eggs are great! So I have to ask, anyone else have peafowls that they sell or raise? I thought about going into that business now.
  2. K

    Selling 18 week old Mourning Dove

    I need a new home for my pet mourning dove, 18 weeks, female, hand raised since birth. Chicago area will come with Cage and a bag of food with everything included in cage, best offer^
  3. Drives of Chickens

    Drives of Chickens

    In all living beings there are certain motivators or drives and I want to share with you what these are and how they affect you and your chickens. I have sorted them into some different groups based on what they affect. I will note that different breeds have been bred to have different levels of...
  4. SniperGoose

    "I'm not a boy, mom!"

    Long story short: I rescued a baby pigeon that was found on the floor of my barn a few months ago now. Decided to keep the pigeon, as it wouldn't have survival instincts being raised by a human. He does great and has adapted well to indoor life (though I do take him outside with me a lot!)...
  5. meltedcow


    I'm Cari. I am a photographer and the mother of Daisy (black lab), Mr. Kitty, Buddy the parakeet (he showed up on our fence one day), and six laying hens: Dolly, Coconut, Ginger, Cinnamon, Sugar and Pam (from the Office not the spray!) My chick-chicks say "hello"! Have a great day! :thumbsup
  6. J&Kfeatheredfowl

    What IS THIS?!

    Hey everyone. So, the strangest thing just happened. We were down the allotments seeing to our hens and newly hatched chicks when a strange bird crashed into the fence?? At first we thought it was a chicken, but it doesn’t appear to have a comb - so we honestly have no clue what it is. It flew...
  7. SniperGoose

    Releasing rescued pigeon?

    A few weeks ago, I went into our barn to get some straw for my geese. I noticed something moving on the floor of the barn - a very young pigeon. Way too young to be out of its nest. As we have stray cats in the area, I didn't want to leave it there to die. The nests were all very high up in the...
  8. E

    Anyone have Dove Eggs for sale?

    Hi! So I was looking around for some dove eggs to incubate, however I couldn’t find any. (I understand some don’t ship it due to how fragile the eggs are) Does anyone have any Dove Eggs they can send over? We are hoping for a basically completely white ringneck dove, or I guess any white dove...
  9. Thechickentrainer1999

    Feeding cheese

    What age can I start feeding my baby chicks cheese? My older hens go absolute crazy over it and that's the main food I trained them with when they were young. When I say feed them cheese, I'm talking about only 1 shreded piece at a time broken into 10s per bird. That together is only about 1...
  10. Age-of-Goositude

    Yellow Cheek Gunk

    I got four middle aged ladies two austrolorps and two blue marans, about four years old, one maran died from scaly leg mites x anemia, the two austrolorps are fine but this other blue maran named Ducky had a layer of smelly yellow gunk on the inside of her cheek x mouth, I removed it and tried...
  11. coltgrizzz

    Getting a few ducks, breed suggestions?

    I’m gonna be getting a few ducks this coming April thought i’m not sure what breed to get? They’d be living with my chickens for the most part. I have a pretty big backyard too and my chickens get out everyday to forage. Only slight problem is i have one neighbor on my left that’s pretty close...
  12. NubbyRyuu

    Plymouth Rock/Cream Legbar Mix?

    Looking at some chicken breeds and saw one called a Cream Legbar. I then remembered Cin has a Plymouth Rock hen that looks like she's constantly angry because her head feathers are always up. Cream Legbar has the same thing going on. Could she be a mix of the two, or is she just an angry birb?
  13. fuzzyMAn

    Giant Nandu birds.(Nanda)

    my first two Nandu, my friend bought them from Holland as chicks and I am now the new owner. I think i should add more to the collection.
  14. NubbyRyuu

    Legacy Cut Short

    Wasn't sure where to post this, so if it gets moved or something, that's fine. So there was a post I made about my friend, Nubby, who sadly passed away last month from some illness or something me and...we'll call her Cin...didn't detect. The only clue something was wrong was a lump on the...
  15. NubbyRyuu

    Handsome Boi

    Just sharing some images of Slim, who appears to be a Swedish Flower Hen Rooster Mix.
  16. Austin81

    Trail Cam Fun

    Hey everyone. I seen somewhere on here a trail cam photo thread where you can post your pics. I could not get enough of seeing what kind of shots everyone got. So I decided to do my own because I really do love seeming all the different kind of animal or critter pics everyone gets. So feel...
  17. B

    Scared Chicken

    Hello everybody! We have a Dominique chicken, who is at the bottom of our pecking order of 9 guineas, 7 chickens and a rooster. We got her from a family with three times as many birds, and frankly she wasn't given any special care or attention and was in bad shape when we got her. Her health...
  18. S

    Little chicken cannot open eyes and is off balance

    Our little chicken has never had great balance, but I thought I should add it. He cannot open his eyes, aside from a little part. He drinks when I put water up to his beak, he tries to eat, but he can't quite see it. Preening like he's comfortable, a little fluffed out (less fluffed now that I...
  19. S

    Button Quail eggs

    I bought some button quail eggs off of Ebay and iv'e had them in the incubator 17 days and on the 15 day i put all the eggs in water none of them moved beside this one, but nothing is happening(no pipping, peeping or moving in the incubator) so i was a bit concerned. Please please reply.
  20. SniperGoose

    Post some photos of your feathered friends!

    Hey everyone! I hope you're doing well! :) I'm a digital artist (hobbyist/freelancer), and I thought with Christmas approaching, that I'd give back to the community here at BYC a little bit by drawing some head-shots/busts of your feathered friends! Any type of bird is allowed; be it a chicken...
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