birds wanted

  1. Smuvers Farm

    Recommended Bird(s) for 8 Year Old

    My 8 year old son has recently been around my moms pair of cockatiels daily for about 3 months. Her birds are aged 11 y/o and about 2.5 y/o. She has raised the 11 y/o from baby and the 2.5 y/o since he was 6 months old. Neither of them are friendly AT ALL, which has kind of scared me off...
  2. TattooedChicks

    Juvenile Bantam Pullets Wanted (Kansas)

    My wonderful but forgetful spouse was in charge of our birds while I was out of town and to spare the horrible details, it ended in disaster. I thought to reach out here first before looking into MPC or Cackle. It's late in the season to start over, again, so I am hoping to wrangle up a few...
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