1. Takeylla

    Random pictures, drawings artwork, and just chatting

    post a picture of your bird’s or random drawing of your birds or birds you drawn if you want, post your art and show off what you got or made. :)
  2. JoshuaBurke

    Is the price worth it?

    Is the price worth it? My local feed store are selling peking ducks for $3.00 a piece. I was wondering is that a good price for the ducks? :woot
  3. JoshuaBurke

    Bill Morris Park Jesup,GA Ducks

  4. JoshuaBurke

    New ducks just came in my local feed store! :)

    New ducks just came in at my local feed store! :) <3 Enjoy the photo! :)
  5. WallyBirdie

    Birds are my Family

    My favorite part of having little peeps and/or keets is watching them grow and play. Their size, combs/wattles, feather patterns... It's a wonderful thing to witness. As they grow older and learn to socialize and create boundaries and relations among the flock, it can be very entertaining and...
  6. Farmer Jill

    Mount Forest Ontario B.S.T Day OCT 6th, 2019

    The Mount Forest Buy, Sell, Trade Day, hosted by the Saugeen Valley Fur & Feather Fanciers, is now hosted by the All Ontario Fur & Feather Associates and will be continuing as normal. Gates open 5am. Ends approx 1pm. No cats or dogs allowed. No garage or sale products, clothing or misc products.
  7. Jay Elle Bee

    Hey! Hi! Hello!

    Heya! I'm Jess; I live in Indianapolis; and my mum's doing the backyard farm thing in Falls of Rough, Kentucky. What?? You don't know where that is? No worries! The first time my dad drove me down here, I commented that it's about 20 minutes past all the good "murder you and chop up your body"...
  8. G


    Hello folks, Ive had critter predators and lost my birds, my neighbor has too. But I'll rebuild and start over. Im in my sixties, went through cancer, and want to produce healthy food and herbs. Ive got meat rabbits at the moment, many ready for freezer camp. Looking forward to chatting.
  9. Ra_

    The Florida

    This is a crossbreed project inspired by the Delaware breed. The Delaware were created from white sports that resulted from mating a Barred Rock rooster to a New Hampshire hen. I crossed my Barred Rock roo with Dixie Rainbow, which look similar to New Hampshire but instead of 5 to 6 pounds...
  10. Thechickentrainer1999

    Found bird eggs

    Someone brought me wild birds eggs and I don't have an incubator or time to turn eggs. Is it okay to put wild bird eggs in another random wild birds nest?
  11. Feathers & Friends

    Mysterious Button Quail Injury

    Thank you to those of you who have previously offered positive responses, advice, or information referrals during some of my poultry crisis's!! This community has been very helpful. During some slight changes in environment my happy trio of button quail had some changes I wasn't too excited...
  12. Lmkkeggs

    New,Love my birds

    Hi, Iv been raising backyard, small farm flocks ever since I was a little kid. Iv raised flocks of Turkeys & chickens. Right now I have chicken, ducks, and peacocks. My chickens have mainly reproduced on their own and kept my flock at an acceptable number for my family. I recently bought a...
  13. NubbyRyuu

    New Baby Chicks!

    Just wanted to show off these cuties! Cin's trying to get the Ayam Cemini chickens. Although these ones aren't, they're still cute! And this one's I think my favorite.
  14. onagadori

    6+ Ohiki Longtail Bantam Hatching Eggs

    We have 6 plus Ohiki bantam longtail hatching eggs for sale. These are beautiful longtails and will be assorted colors including duckwing, cree, black, etc. They are very docile, excellent layers, and a real japanese national treasure. They are also great setters and will readily hatch and...
  15. Chickadee-Dee

    Hello from Canada!

    Hey there! I'm rather new to this kind of format so please bear with me. I've been following BYC for years and never thought to join until this morning for some reason. I am not overly new to chickens, but am still a bit of a noob and I also do not have any at the moment sadly. I used to have...
  16. Age-of-Goositude

    Free Drawings

    I am hoping to get to everyone eventually post your babies!! Old, young, still here, or over the rainbow bridge. I will work at my own pace and this will be a fun past time! I have a thread here already for all my art where the final post of your art will be posted! Here are some examples of my...
  17. F

    Family Farm will help with unwanted chickens, ducks and other farm birds etc

    Small Family Farm in Central Florida (Highlands county) will pickup unwanted farm birds etc. We would love to help, send a message. Have a blessed day =)
  18. faylinnc


    Hello everyone! I'm back! I have more Issues with My ducks sadly. My female black swedish duck, April, has been turning white which I guess isn't really that big of a deal I think it's from all the stress because her sister died but she's been turning white at a very fast rate and I've noticed...
  19. Shanti2012


    Hi there, Hi there, my name is Shanti and I am an avid bird lover from chickens to ducks, doves, hummingbirds and everything in between. I am currently in the west and I have a family of hummingbirds along with other but I just came here for answers regarding what someone can do if a neighbor...
  20. Huntsville Texas Boy

    Texas boy has a new condition incubator for sale Natureform Model Nom-45

    I have a Natureform Model number Nom - 45 that was used 3 months only in new condition been in controlled climate for years needs a good home we paid $30,000 asking $3,000 9366893473 Jeremy
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