black copper marans

  1. Cluckcluck2000

    Black Copper Marans?

    I'm a new chicken mama looking for help identifying the breed and sex of these chickens! They were in rough shape when we brought them home, missing feathers in some places. The lady we purchased them from told us they were Black Copper Marans, but I'm not too sure. We're also not 100% that...
  2. ScarletSun

    15 Week Black Copper Marans

    I've been calling this 15 week old BCM "Harold" for a couple of months but I'm not so sure anymore. Any guesses or clear markers as to the sex of this bird? I'm new to this and appreciate your expertise! :)
  3. Winter Creek Coop

    Sussex and Marans Memorial Weekend Hatch

    Hey Friends, I just got home from picking up some wonderful hatching eggs froma town a couple hours away. She had beautiful Black Copper Marans and Speckled Sussex. I ordered a dozen and she gave me 18! I dropped one.
  4. Littletozer

    What kinds of roosters?

    What mix do you guys think these are. We were told a mix between amercauna black copper maran and maybe silkie they said likely OE/EE we have some azure blues and some brown laying red sex links currently. Thoughts anyone they are both very nice boys new to this. Thanks
  5. JmeV

    BCM rooster singing the egg song

    I thought it would be fun to share this video of my rooster, Odin, singing back and forth with my Wyandotte hen as she laid her egg (you can hear her a little bit, too).
  6. EmilyEnns

    “Purebred BCM”

    Hi All, So i picked up some “purebred black copper maran” chicks this summer. I’ve got 3 hens, 2 of which look like they are purebred but then i’ve got this girl who’s got some fuzzy cheeks! any guesses to what she is? or what color of eggs she’ll lay?
  7. P

    Sunny Heart Farm

    Greetings everyone. My name is poppy jones. I live in cannonsville reservior area . We have a 5 acre land that turned into a farm these past three years.We bought a tractor this spring and expanded the planting to about 2 1/2 acres of veggies of all kinds. This spring we added chickens, 17 red...
  8. A

    Hacienda Heights CA Newbie here

    Hi All, I started with adopted six mix hens and one silkie rooster from my aunt. She moved-in with her kids, and could not take the flock with her. Now 6 month latter I already added an additional 6 Black copper marans and 3 ayam ketawa (laugling chicken). During this short time of raising...
  9. lancasterflock

    Black comb and wattle? What is this?

    I apologize. I posted earlier a picture of my other BCM and just realized THIS is the one I had the most questions about. So I bought “her” ( ??? ) while she was a baby. Was told she was a black copper maran. Where the rest of my flock are now starting to get a little red on their faces and...
  10. lancasterflock

    Is this a black copper Maran?

    I was sold this little as a baby. Literally just today I noticed she was just now starting to get a little red on her face. Comb is still small and black. Feathered legs. I was told she was a BCM but wasn’t exactly sure as her comb and wattles were always black! Just getting a little color on...
  11. treebabys

    Update on mystery chicks breed? Gender?

    I have some strong ideas on breed and gender but I wanted to see what you all thought about it. Pretty sure I’ve got a barred rock, White Cochin, golden laced wyandotte, black copper marans, and a mystery brown chick. They are all supposed to be rare or brown egg layers and they came from Murry...
  12. karenmragan

    Is Rooster Behavior Passed On Genetically?

    Hello! I have a Black Copper Maran rooster and he is the only one i have of that breed. I wanted to use his genetics but am worried about his temperament. He is way too rapey towards my girls. They don't want to be around him because of it. What do you think, will his male offspring display...
  13. Otis Jackson

    12-week Black Copper Marans cockerel (Greenfire line) available in central VIRGINIA

    12-week old Black Copper Marans cockerel from Greenfire Farms breeding line available - $25. Also have a couple of four-week old likely cockerels from Greenfire’s French National champion line but need a few more weeks to be certain of sex. DM if interested
  14. Fwchickens

    What is going on with this BC Maran?

    This is a 7 week old BC Maran. My question is what is going on with it’s feathers? It is hard to photograph but they almost look frizzled. The shaft is extremely fine, the feathers curl and seem fuzzy. Has anyone had a bird like this? Does this go away with maturity?
  15. sarahup

    ISO DL Silver Barnevelder. Black Cooper Marans, Lavender Orpington

    Looking for Double Laced Silver Barnevelder. Black Copper Marans, and Lavender Orpington hatching eggs. Hoping someone sells (and ships to MA) 2 or even all 3 of these. Must be purebred and a good SOP-centered breeding program :jumpy:fl
  16. Labelles Velders

    Marans With Featherless Legs?

    Hello! I am VERY interested in getting Black Copper Marans in a few years (Those EGGS!), but I strongly dislike feathered legs (No offense, but I like my chicken legs sleek lol). Are Marans without feathered legs bred often? Would they be difficult to obtain via hatching eggs or from a breeder...
  17. Alicat4244

    So what would he be ?

    Just curious I have a cockerel that his dad is black copper marans , mom olive egger . What does that make him? Still an olive egger ? Or just a mut lol ? Either way hes pretty and a jerk lol
  18. TwoChicksChix

    Searching for French Black Copper Marans Pullets in Florida.

    Hey everybody, The storm has taken two of my FBCM pullets already, which leaves me with just one at 12 weeks old. So if anybody happens to have any, I’d love to pick up 2 or 3 more after the storm passes. I’m located in west palm beach Florida.
  19. J

    Can you help with breed and gender?

    hi! My name’s Jackie, this is my first post. I’m in WA, and we just got our first chicks this year. I bought 2 olive eggers and 2 black copper marans from a local farm (plus 2 ameraucanas from our farm store). The farmer put 4 black, nearly identical chicks in the box and I don’t know which is...
  20. BethJ

    Black Copper Marans hatch

    July 13 Bought 15 Black Copper Marans eggs from North of 89 Farm (Ontario, Canada) July 15 After letting the eggs rest and letting the incubator (Brinsea Ovation eco) run all Sunday I placed the eggs in at 2:00 pm Humidity was maintained at about 40% July 16 Added 4 Cream Legbar eggs at...
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