black copper marans

  1. L

    Black Copper Marans Crosses

    So, in case anyone is interested in seeing what they look like....I have a BCM and Splash Bearded Silkie cross cockerel and a BCM and Buff Orpington cockerel. Both have a BCM dad.
  2. spruett386

    BCM Chick development, male vs female

    Ok, so I've got these two, 4wk old fancy bcms. I am half convinced one is a cockerel and the other is a pullet. The thing is the one who looks and behaves like a pullet is quite bigger than the "cockerel". The "cockerel" is way feistier and more challenging to my other isbar cockerels. Also...
  3. S

    Thoughts on my Black copper marans pair

    What do you guys think of the quality of these 2 chickens I want to improve my BCM stock !
  4. J

    BCM 6 week old what gender?

    I bought some straight run chicks. These two are about 6 weeks old and the absolute sweetest. Either way I’m keeping them but if they are cockerels I’d like to get a few pullets. Thanks for any help!
  5. A

    Mottled Black Copper Marans?

    I have two black marans hens and two roos. One roo has a sideways prong on his single comb, while a hen? has two mottled on her tail and the other roo's toe feathers are mottled. The question mark is there because she's either a non-pb hen, bms can carry the recessive mottle gene, or she's a...
  6. S

    5 week old Easter Egger and Black Copper Marans, vote on gender?

    Meet Bunny and Bagel, a bit over 5 weeks old today and I'm afraid they may both be roos! I know EEs showing patches of red coloring their wings isn't a good omen and my BCM comb is looking a little too large... Any votes? Here's Bunny the EE And Bagel the BCM Thanks for your time &...
  7. Motojeff

    Black Copper Marans & Easter Egger Chicks - Boring Oregon

    We Have: 15 Black Copper Marans Available $7 each 9 Easter Egger mix Available - Possible Frizzles still hard to tell yet. $5 each Discount for 6 or more. Happy Healthy hatched on 4/10 Pics attached of Marans Rooster, Hens, Marans Eggs, Chicks. Also pics of the EE Egg colors and one of our...
  8. FoodFreedomNow

    My Girl's Purple Egg

    One of my ladies, an Easter Egger from a green-laying EE x BCM, laid the egg on the far left. BCM egg from the sire's line and a pinkish-brown egg from her sister included for contrast. Love that bloom! 💜
  9. L

    Potential egg color from new rooster

    Hello! I recently acquired a cockerel who’s mom is a black copper Marans and dad is an ameracauna. I am wondering if he breeds with my EE if the chicks could be olive eggers or if they will carry the blue egg gene.
  10. A

    Best Black Copper Marans lines

    Looking for a breeder to buy hatching eggs from that produce the darkest eggs. Any breeders or lines I should look at? Thanks
  11. Mountain Bird

    Red Star x BCM, Dark Star x BCM

    Hello! I have two different age groups within my flock, some 1.5 year olds and some 6 month olds. Within the groups, I have a 6-month-old Black Copper Marans rooster who has been quite roo-ish since he was about 4 months. He initially began mounting the younger hens but started working his way...
  12. M

    Help with identifying breed and sex of Easter Eggers and other crosses

    I have a few Easter Eggers and other cross breed pullets or cockerels that I need help with identifying their sex. And also help identifying which crosses they are if possible My hens are Araucanas (red, lavender, white), Cream Legbars, Black Australorps, black Olive Egger and Black Copper...
  13. ShellyBlanco

    French Black Copper Maran Rooster x Production Reds

    I'm wondering what color the eggs might be when they start laying. 2 pullets are 21 weeks, 15 pullets are 17 weeks. The mothers ,(Production Reds) started laying at 20 weeks.
  14. evarelagitt

    1. Almost 7 wk Blue Splash Marans / 2. “Black Copper Marans” what breed is this?

    Help! Is Stella a he or a she? I’m going to use the pronoun she because I really hope she’s a she! “She’s” very sweet, a little flighty. “She” seems to have a much bigger comb then what is supposed to be a “black copper Marans” (who has a muff and a beard?!!!, thanks Meyer hatchery) who is the...
  15. Cluckcluck2000

    Black Copper Marans?

    I'm a new chicken mama looking for help identifying the breed and sex of these chickens! They were in rough shape when we brought them home, missing feathers in some places. The lady we purchased them from told us they were Black Copper Marans, but I'm not too sure. We're also not 100% that...
  16. ScarletSun

    15 Week Black Copper Marans

    I've been calling this 15 week old BCM "Harold" for a couple of months but I'm not so sure anymore. Any guesses or clear markers as to the sex of this bird? I'm new to this and appreciate your expertise! :)
  17. Winter Creek Coop

    Sussex and Marans Memorial Weekend Hatch

    Hey Friends, I just got home from picking up some wonderful hatching eggs froma town a couple hours away. She had beautiful Black Copper Marans and Speckled Sussex. I ordered a dozen and she gave me 18! I dropped one.
  18. Littletozer

    What kinds of roosters?

    What mix do you guys think these are. We were told a mix between amercauna black copper maran and maybe silkie they said likely OE/EE we have some azure blues and some brown laying red sex links currently. Thoughts anyone they are both very nice boys new to this. Thanks
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