black copper marans

  1. karenmragan

    Is Rooster Behavior Passed On Genetically?

    Hello! I have a Black Copper Maran rooster and he is the only one i have of that breed. I wanted to use his genetics but am worried about his temperament. He is way too rapey towards my girls. They don't want to be around him because of it. What do you think, will his male offspring display...
  2. Otis Jackson

    12-week Black Copper Marans cockerel (Greenfire line) available in central VIRGINIA

    12-week old Black Copper Marans cockerel from Greenfire Farms breeding line available - $25. Also have a couple of four-week old likely cockerels from Greenfire’s French National champion line but need a few more weeks to be certain of sex. DM if interested
  3. Fwchickens

    What is going on with this BC Maran?

    This is a 7 week old BC Maran. My question is what is going on with it’s feathers? It is hard to photograph but they almost look frizzled. The shaft is extremely fine, the feathers curl and seem fuzzy. Has anyone had a bird like this? Does this go away with maturity?
  4. sarahup

    ISO DL Silver Barnevelder. Black Cooper Marans, Lavender Orpington

    Looking for Double Laced Silver Barnevelder. Black Copper Marans, and Lavender Orpington hatching eggs. Hoping someone sells (and ships to MA) 2 or even all 3 of these. Must be purebred and a good SOP-centered breeding program :jumpy:fl
  5. Labelles Velders

    Marans With Featherless Legs?

    Hello! I am VERY interested in getting Black Copper Marans in a few years (Those EGGS!), but I strongly dislike feathered legs (No offense, but I like my chicken legs sleek lol). Are Marans without feathered legs bred often? Would they be difficult to obtain via hatching eggs or from a breeder...
  6. Alicat4244

    So what would he be ?

    Just curious I have a cockerel that his dad is black copper marans , mom olive egger . What does that make him? Still an olive egger ? Or just a mut lol ? Either way hes pretty and a jerk lol
  7. TwoChicksChix

    Searching for French Black Copper Marans Pullets in Florida.

    Hey everybody, The storm has taken two of my FBCM pullets already, which leaves me with just one at 12 weeks old. So if anybody happens to have any, I’d love to pick up 2 or 3 more after the storm passes. I’m located in west palm beach Florida.
  8. J

    Can you help with breed and gender?

    hi! My name’s Jackie, this is my first post. I’m in WA, and we just got our first chicks this year. I bought 2 olive eggers and 2 black copper marans from a local farm (plus 2 ameraucanas from our farm store). The farmer put 4 black, nearly identical chicks in the box and I don’t know which is...
  9. BethJ

    Black Copper Marans hatch

    July 13 Bought 15 Black Copper Marans eggs from North of 89 Farm (Ontario, Canada) July 15 After letting the eggs rest and letting the incubator (Brinsea Ovation eco) run all Sunday I placed the eggs in at 2:00 pm Humidity was maintained at about 40% July 16 Added 4 Cream Legbar eggs at...
  10. BethJ


    I had chickens when I was 10 or 11, typical feed store brown layers we got as pullets and 2 chicks that were all black and lovely but we had no idea what the breed was. Unfortunately a racoon took out the whole flock one day and I moved on to bees. I've used BYC for information since I began...
  11. TwoChicksChix

    Black Copper Marans showing at Four Weeks?!

    Hey everybody, So this is my first time with BCM and I hatched out four of them about four weeks ago. Well, even right now they’ve started to show wattle and comb difference and I think I have one boy, two girls, and one unsure. I have some pictures of each: First girl Second girl...
  12. Bru

    1 wk old chicks, several breeds in Maryland

    Located near Baltimore(BWI) I have chicks of several breeds available, just need to find a home for these little ones. They hatched on the 23rd and 24th, so just about one week old, they have been vaccinated for Mareks. This is our first hatch and we started with 18 and ended with 12. Of the...
  13. minaayindra

    Breed identification pictures

    Does anyone know where I can obtain pictures of the different breeds of chicks I have, at multiple stages? I am finding 1-day-old chick pictures and adult pictures, nothing in-between. I'm trying to figure out who is who as they grow since I seem to have ordered multiple breeds that look so...
  14. 31chixandcounting

    Black Copper Marans - Washington State

    Hi, I am looking for true Black Copper Marans in Western Washington ( Olympia area.) Any help will be much aplreciated!!!
  15. C

    Hello BYC! :) I'm Smitten With Chickens!

    Hello, everyone! (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? Not new to chickens, had them for most of my life. I first got some baby chicks when I was a little girl and it was love at first peep! (2) How many chickens do you have right now? I currently have two mama hens...
  16. Futuregreenefarm

    Iowa Blue Hen?

    I am completely new to chickens. Always wanted some but waiting for bigger property we own and will build on. However, we recently had a Mama hen come into our current yard with 12 baby chicks. After some research, I believe she is an Iowa Blue Hen. After further research and comparing pictures...
  17. shelbyw

    Roosters: 1 Olandsk Dwarf & 2 Black Copper Marans

    UPDATE: All boys have a new home together I am in need of giving these 3 roosters a new home since I have 8 other boys. They are 17 1/2 weeks old. They can be re-homed separately and I can only re-home to local people such as Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia. I will not be...
  18. Shellebelle920

    Bantam and Standard rooster coop?

    I hatched white legbar, Black Copper Marans and silkie cockerels. I am planning on keeping 3 silkies, one BCM and the white legbar in a separate coop/run from the girls. They were hatched together and brooded together for a couple of weeks. However, they are now in separate brooders (silkies in...
  19. Marme

    Help with sexing blue wheaten Ameraucana and black copper marans

    IMG_3873 by Marme posted Apr 18, 2019 at 9:52 PMIMG_3875 by Marme posted Apr 18, 2019 at 9:54 PMIMG_3876 by Marme posted Apr 18, 2019 at 9:54 PMIMG_3877 by Marme posted Apr 18, 2019 at 9:54 PMIMG_3878 by Marme posted Apr 18, 2019 at 9:54 PM Hello everyone! I'm new to the group and was hoping...
  20. TeamTurnerEst01

    Help! Day 22.5 and still not one pip!

    Hello Backyard Chickens Community! I have tried my hands at hatching my own chickens and I have a problem. I'm on day 22 1/2 but I have 13 eggs with not one pip. As far as I know the temperature has always been spot on, humidity has always been good and until day 18 they were in an egg turner...
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