black spots

  1. AustralorpLover1004

    Black spots on chicken comb

    Yesterday, I noticed quite a bit of blackness on my roosters comb. I just got around to snapping a picture, and it seems to have cleared up a lot. Any idea of what this is? Just dried blood or something more serious?
  2. lbgreenfield

    Black Spot on Wattle

    Hi there. My 2-year old Buff Orpington has a large black spot on her wattle (see attached photos). I usually pick her up from another angle so I don't see the affected wattle all that often, so I'm not sure how long it has been there. She has been limping for about 2 weeks now with no visible...
  3. Candyjablonski

    Black spots

    Found these black spots on my chicken yesterday. They are recent because on the 20th I have a picture of her and there are not any. Please help this is my pet my baby! Thank you
  4. K

    Black spots on my hen & rooster’s comb??

    I first noticed tiny black spots on my exchequer leghorn’s comb about a month ago, but didn’t think much of it because they’re acting normal otherwise. When I looked closely today, I noticed the spots have spread a little and the rooster has them too (photos attached). I’m really hoping...
  5. A

    Crusty nose causes? Problem?

    We have bantams and recently put pinless peepers on our roosters tonight we checked on them and noticed this crust on them and one has a knot on his waddles and some have black dots on their combs and one has a curl to her comb? We removed the peepers but I don’t know how to treat them. We have...
  6. MangTheRooster

    Black Spots/Peeling Beak

    Hey so my Mang has some black spots on his beak. I don't think it's fowl pox , does it have something to do with his beak growing? Because it's also peeling I think.
  7. Luvmyducks2

    White duck with black spots on head

    I have 3 ducks a Pekin, a Swedish Blue and one that I have no idea what it is! It looks like a Pekin but much smaller, feet and bill are very pale almost pink and a few black spots on its head. And it is older than my other two. They are all around 7- 8 weeks now. Could this be crossbred...
  8. madisonboe

    Black spots on comb?

    Just noticed some black spots on my 12 week old blue Wyandottes (?) comb. They weren’t always there! Is it just the coloring of her comb or something wrong?!
  9. B

    Strange black lines on chicken's head.

    She is a buff orpington, 8 weeks old. It almost looks like dried blood to me, but they were definitely not there this morning, and I'm not sure if the blood would dry that fast. She had black specks a day or two ago, and they seemed to go away on their own. What do you think? Thanks.
  10. OG Anomaly

    Sick Chicken w Pics, I've no idea what's wrong

    Hi, This is my first year having chickens. We have 8 white leghorns, all females, under a year old and they started laying early summer, this year. One is definitely not acting normal and I want to try and find out what's wrong with her / what I can do to help. We can't go to the vet. I'll try...
  11. rabsabq

    Black spots on combs

    Out doing the weekly beak-to-vent check on the Sexlinks and noticed these black spots on several of the girls. Their eyes are clear, no discharge anywhere, and they are all about 7 months old. It doesn't appear to be dry-pox (no white or fuzzy bits). Is this something I should worry about? Your...
  12. ChxLadyCass

    Pox?? Black spots on combs

    Here are some pictures! Any idea of causes or what to do? TYIA
  13. jamie0922

    Black Spots on Cone..."Foul Pox"

    So, I was looking on here because several of my chickens and rooster have black spots on their cones that look like warts. I saw a thread that said they are called "foul pox" and are caused by mosquitoes. So these will go away on their own? How long does it usually take for them to go away...
  14. RCAKB

    Black spots on Pekin

    Hey y'all! I'm brand new to raising ducks and recently my 2 month old Pekins got black spots on them. It is located on their head. I initially thought that it was dirt but it hasn't come off in our pond water nor the fresh, clean water in a kiddie pool. They never had spots there before. It...
  15. myachick

    Fowl Pox???

    Hi this is my first time having chickens. I thought i was doing everything right until this happen!! :he I am almost positive its Fowl Pox from what I've read on BYC threads. I have a flock of eight, all of them have it!! I have 2 in quarantine since I think they may have the wet strain of it...
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