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  1. Nelson-Collier

    🚨 Potential Dying Hen? Help??!

    (Pictures provided below.) One of my 7 laying hens has been extremely lethargic and listless for the past couple of days. I first noticed it when I let them out the other day to roam while supervised (I have a large caged in run I keep them in, adequate feed and water). After they all ran out...
  2. MuddinMomma

    Turkey poult still coughing

    So I got 8 turkeys a month ago. All were doing fine a week into it I found 1 that I thought had pasty butt. They were all fully feathered when I got them home. This one was a little under feathered so he was under a lamp after I found him. (March 16th born) After cleaning it seemed fine but...
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