1. Self sufficient chickens

    Chicken is making odd head movements and has a full crop

    This one and a half-year-old black sex link chicken has been walking around and jerking her head frequently. Her crop is also firm and very full. What is wrong with her?
  2. Nature_al

    Unknown Baby Chick

    Hey BYC! We bought four new chicks from a feed supply store 5 weeks ago and one of them was supposed to be a barred rock pullet. She has not developed any barring and I am concerned she is not a barred rock at all... any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! Al 1st photo: Bonnie at 4...
  3. Bar B

    Hello from Indiana!

    I am looking forward to learning everything I can about our chicken ladies. We started our venture this year, 2018, the last of March and then had to have some more in April! Lovestruck for sure! we have 2 of : Bar rocks, Black sexlinks, Isa Browns, and Amber links. 1 Amberlink didn't make it...
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