blood ring

  1. Lpskitfit

    Blood ring? Bad egg?

    Hey guys! I've had my suspicions that this is a blood ring for a while, but man I didn't want to admit it... The embryo still looks like it's growing but the ring is making me too anxious so I finally have to post and ask for a second opinion. He's on day 16 but there was about a week and a half...
  2. mshap7

    Blood Ring? Spraying eggs?

    Help!!!! First time egg hatcher here! I can’t tell if this is a blood ring or not :hit Also, I read spraying duck eggs with water after day 10 is good for them so, not having a spray bottle, I cleaned out a bottle of hair detangler, rinsing it out with water multiple times. I didn’t realize...
  3. Qualien

    Is this a blood ring?

    I'm fairly inexperienced at candling eggs, but today is day 7 on my guinea and americauna eggs. Can somebody tell me if this is a blood ring?
  4. Oldhallchicks

    *candling pics help* blood ring?

    Does this look like the beginning of a blood ring? It spider veins, but it looks like it’s starting to pool in a ring? Thoughts?
  5. F

    Can somebody help me determine which eggs are good

    I got 4 eggs, it’s been 14 days since I incubated them. I know two of them are yolkers :( but does the one with the blood ring have a chance of surviving, and also is the other one good?
  6. C

    Blood ring? I’m new to this.

    Day 10. Does this look like the ring of death?
  7. L

    Im so nervous!

    Day 7 into incubating Silkie eggs. Candled today and 2 out of 12 had blood rings so I removed. I thought it would be more clear to me if the others were doing ok but seems the air cells were too big, maybe some still detached?! I was nervous and wanted to get them back in right away. Eggs were...
  8. J

    Blood ring in egg?

    I have an egg in the incubator that Never developed but I left it just in case. It's sibling of the same age is pretty far along. So today is day 13 and I decided it was definitely rime to call it quits on the dud. So I candle to make sure I'm removing the correct egg and there is a ring of red...
  9. ThreeAcreFarm

    Incubating - Day 17

    Hey fam!!! This is my first go around incubating eggs. I currently have 8 in a self-turning incubator that I purchased at our local Agway. I have been mainting the humidity, and the temperature always seems to be exactly right! I decided to candle my eggs this evening and 6 of them appear to be...
  10. CattleRancher

    Incubating Fail!

    I am a newbie at incubating. And I apologize ahead of time for the long post. I have 4 jumbo Guinea Keets as well as 10 1 year old Hens, 2 Roosters, (12) 10-week old pullets. A friend of mine asked if I could hatch out 15 guinea keets for him, mine were laying 3 per day so I was storing the laid...
  11. BabySweetsTurkeys

    Blood ring??? Day 7

    I already lost one egg, now I’m down to 6 so I’m hoping this isn’t a blood ring. All other eggs have movement but I didn’t see anything in this one. :( I just recently loss 4 eggs at day 20 from my old incubators heat element going out so I hope this isn’t a blood ring. :hit:barnie
  12. chickyrookie

    Day 7...blood rings?

    This is my second attempt at incubating. Had the LG 9300 still air and lost my eggs due to high humidity (I think). I bought the 10300 with circulated air and bought a couple hygrometers, so I'm hoping for a better turn out. I put 18 eggs in bator, and candled them all today. One for sure was...
  13. ChickFanatic8

    Blood Ring? Advice?

    Hi all, I have read that when you find a blood ring in a candled egg, you should remove the egg so that it doesn't explode and spread bacteria to the other eggs. however, I also saw a video that advised never to remove the egg, in case it actually works out... I'm not sure what to do. I...
  14. montana74

    Blood Rings Everywhere!

    I had an incubator go hogwild on me. After 7 days of perfectly documented turning schedule, heat/humidity, everything, I went downstairs and found the incubator at 104. One hundred and FOUR. I immediately moved them to another incubator that I had another clutch in, just in case they could be...
  15. Tavia Rose

    Question about blood rings

    Is this a blood ring? Embryo seems rather dark and small. It's day 9. Another egg from the same hen..same batch is moving alot in the video below and seems larger than this one. And the third from this trio seems to have two dark masses, no blood ring, and moves only with rotation of the egg. I...
  16. valeriebutler

    Blood ring mistake, brown eggs

    I have a broody sitting on eggs, hatch date is the 23rd I candled the eight eggs she's sitting on and was positive of a quitter and a dud. The quitter had a deffinate ring. I was positive or so I thought... I decided to do an eggtopsy well because I was curious and cracked it open. And we'll...
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