blue andalusian

  1. A

    Any blue Andalusian and/or Plymouth experts?

    I have 14 day old blue Andalusian and 2 5ish day old Plymouth barred rock. One from each breed has had a comb since we got them. I know I’ll have to wait to be sure but what do you think? Cockerel or hopefully a pullet? first image is the blue Andalusians at a couple days old. Last 2 pictures...
  2. NinaO

    I thought I had 3 Blue Andalusians....

    I thought I had 3 Blue Andalusians, but now I am wondering if I have 3 Prairie Blue Eggers, one in splash. What do you all think? They are about 8 weeks here. The splash is our top bird. They are apart of a group of 10 "Rare Choice" ordered from Tractor Supply. They are friendly and fun, super...
  3. Leihamarie

    My 2y/o Blue Andalusian hen just started crowing.

    So, I've read about this as being somewhat rare, and also meaning a hormonal imbalance and/or a tumor causing a hen to morph into a roo, but I really never expected to have first-hand experience. Today, while on the phone I saw my Blue Andalusian extend her neck like a roo and let out a...
  4. JulieTrades

    Trade or Sell Blue Andalusian Rooster

    I have two young (10 week) beautiful Andalusian Roos. That is two too many. I'm not going to continue with this breed. These boys were hand fed, so they are about as friendly as this breed can get. They are starting to pick on each other, and that's with 10 acres of free range and 16 ladies. I...
  5. crazy rooster34

    Blue or black dominant?

    I will be trying my hand at breeding blue andalusian rooster over my black astralorp hens , but to my understanding black is the dominant gene so i was wondering would it take me two or three generations for the blue to start showing in these hybrids, thanks
  6. KassieEspi

    Andalusian Comb and Egglaying

    Hello Everyone, On June 7, 2018 my Blue Andalusian laid her first egg. It was oddly long, but roughly the size of a normal store bought egg. Ever since she laid her first egg, her egg size has been decreasing. I don’t know what a “normal” size egg is supposed to look like, being new to raising...
  7. LuLuFlockMom

    Cockrels or pullets? I could use some expertise, please and thank you!

    I could use some expertise, please. We got these adorable little babies towards the middle of November. Eloise, our Black Laced Silver Wyandotte was hatched 10/27. Graycie, our Blue Andalusian; Stella, our Black Wyandotte and Brianna Jr. the 1st, our Golden Laced Wyandotte (named by my neice)...
  8. Hgriojas

    2017 Chicken festival, Utrera, Andalusia, Spain

    Hello everyone, check out my latest album on my profile. I took the photos today at the "XIV Feria de la Gallina" (chicken festival) located in the smallish town of Utrera, Spain, which is also located in the Spanish region of Andalusia. This is the birth place of many large white egg...
  9. jodybrook

    Orpington? Andalusian? Blue for sure but need to know breed.

    Any idea what breed this girl is??
  10. T

    Blue Color

    "Genetically, two Blue Hens will produce 50% blue, 25% white, and 25% black offspring". Is that statement true? Blue colored pure breeds are the following I think: cochin andalusian australorp jersey giant delaware silkie brahma leghorn english araucana (tailed) orpington
  11. feathersandlace

    Really hoping these are pullets....any guesses?

    My newest flock members are 1 Blue Andalusian and 2 Cochin Bantams. They are all 6 weeks old and almost fully feathered. I see the tiniest bit of a comb on all 3 and only the cochins are just starting to show signs of wattle growth. My only concern is that someone said that they thought my BA...
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