blue australorp

  1. ShianRainDrop

    Looking for Blue Australorp Hatching Eggs

    Hello there folks. I have been looking for months for 6 Blue Australorp hatching eggs and I thought I may have found someone here but they haven't responded yet, so I thought I'd desperate post here. I haven't ever incubated eggs before but my noob incubator only holds 6 eggs, and it seems most...
  2. danpeters9497

    Mystery blue TSC

    Okay so we got this beaut from TSC as a Blue Australorp. I was sceptical from the get go as a day old. Now it's around 2 months old and I'm still befuddled. I've asked opinions elsewhere and had, Sapphire Gem, Blue Andalusian and Blue Rock as guesses and most saying Hen. I figured I would...
  3. Denise KanDo

    Farm living is the life for me

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? Bought my babies about a month age. First time chicken mom. (2) How many chickens do you have right now? I have 12 (3) What breeds do you have? 6 Leghorn and 6 Blue Australorp (4) What are your favorite aspects of raising backyard...
  4. Mother Clucker Hatchery


    I have several breeds of chicks hatching in the next week and week after. If anyone in the Orlando area is looking to add fun to their flock or color to their eggs these are the chicks for you! Available Breeds: White Capped Black Polish, Silkies, &...
  5. AstraChick

    which cockerel to keep for future breeding ? splash or white?

    I currently have pure breed Australorps, regular size. I'm trying to decide which cockerel to keep as i cant keep them all cause that's just asking for trouble and i don't want to have separate pens. I currently have 5 white and 2 splash cockerels and 3 white, 1 black and 1 blue pullet. I would...
  6. JMeghan

    8-9 Week old Blue Australorp: Hen or Roo?

    Hi guys! I have a blue australorp... he/she has always been bigger than the rest. Even my other roos. It hasn't crowed or anything yet but my other roos have. I figure it is a roo because the tail feathers have got longer. Thanks!
  7. littleprairieheartsfarm

    LPHF Blue Australorps Hatching Thread

    Today is Day 0 of our Blue Australorps incubation! These are the first generation from our Splash rooster crossed over Black hens. We have pictures of our crossbreeds, but this will be our first group of purebred Australorps. Incubator is a Magicfly 12, forced air incubator. Temp - 99.5...
  8. nszrmch

    Sexing 12 week old chickens?

    I have four chicks at about 12 weeks that I need help sexing! Black and white is Ancona, yellow is Buff Brahma, larger grey is Blue Australorp and smaller grey is Blue Andalusian. Ive read that ancona’s have larger combs but other than that I have no idea as we’ve never had these breeds before...
  9. Belbris

    Are these 6.5 week old Australorps hens?

    we have 2 Australorp chickens - a splash (pale colour) and a blue (dark grey). They were vent sexed before we got them and are supposed to be girls, but my daughter is getting nervous. Amy, the pale one, is significantly bigger, and her wattle is just beginning to grow pink, while Lou, the...
  10. T

    Blue Color

    "Genetically, two Blue Hens will produce 50% blue, 25% white, and 25% black offspring". Is that statement true? Blue colored pure breeds are the following I think: cochin andalusian australorp jersey giant delaware silkie brahma leghorn english araucana (tailed) orpington
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