blue egg gene

  1. ChickenMasta1105

    What are the odds of getting an easter egger?

    Hi! What exactly is an easter egger, and what are the odds of a hen having the blue egg gene, while having the appearance of some other chicken. And also, is there any way to make hens lay natural 'easter egg' color eggs?
  2. zachcpierce

    EE pullet laid first egg

    i am captioning this, "one of these things is not like the other" brown eggs from 2nd year blue orp for comparison so one out of three of the new EE pullets at least is laying a turquoise egg, im happy
  3. Paulcl

    Hello guys

    Hello guys I’m Paul from Santiago of Chile. i’m living in a countryside near to Santiago (1 hour by car) I’m also raising Muscovy ducks. (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I’m new into a chicken (2) How many chickens do you have right now? Around 20. (3) What...
  4. T

    Prairie Bluebell Breeding produces what color egg layer?

    I’ve been wanting some prairie bluebells and wanting the ability to produce blue egg layers myself. I asked Hoover hatchery if crossing a prairie bluebell rooster and a prairie bluebell hen would result in offspring that lays blue eggs. They replied that they do not breed true. (This is obvious...
  5. Cierabug

    Wild Pattern Ameraucana????

    Can pure Ameraucana chicks have the wild type pattern? I'm trying to mess around with auto-sexing and blue egg genes and would need a bird that lays blue eggs and has the wild type pattern when it is a chick.and if an Ameraucana chick does have the wild type pattern could it still have...
  6. Sarahndipity723

    Most prolific cold hardy BLUE egg layers pls?

    Hi Poultry people! Can anyone tell me which breed is the most prolific BLUE egg layer pls? Is it Ameraucana's? I live in Maine & it hits -20 here in Winter. Thanks!
  7. Sarahndipity723

    HYBRID Question: which High egg production HYBRIDS lay WHITE eggs pls?

    Hi All. Hey Hybrid experts: I have 2 AMERAUCANA Roosters w/blue egg gene that I wish to cross with White egg laying,HIGH egg production cold hearty HYBRID hens for blue eggs. 1) Are there ANY high egg production Hybrids that lay WHITE eggs pls? 2) IF not:whats the highest white egg...
  8. Lilorp14


    4 Black Amaraucana roosters for sale. Purebred, Paul and Angela Smith Stock. Hatched April 30th, 2018. Not aggressive, but a little timid,. They have no objections to being handled. Located in VA. PM if interested.
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