blue laced red wyandottes

  1. Marme

    Blue laced red Wyandotte’s determining gender

    So I have a couple of 10 week old blue laced red Wyandotte’s that I think are pullets. I had three my last batch and all ended up to be roosters. They had very obvious wattles at this age and were sparing with each other all the time. These two have very feminine faces but one has less...
  2. KikiDeAnime

    Chicken eggs for sale (For eating!)

    We're getting more eggs than we can eat up within the week. I'm going to sell some so they don't go to waste. MUST pick up! $4/Dozen +$2 for any egg added onto the order. Here's a picture of the eggs we collected from our hens All eggs pictured above are from this week. Anyone who buys...
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