blue partridge brahma

  1. Phillisy

    Let’s see your Red Pyle (Splash Blue Partridge) Brahmas!

    This is our second year with BP Brahmas, and we have a BP rooster over Gold hens and a single BP hen. Recently we hatched out a batch for a customer, and ended up with what I’m assuming is a Splash/Red Pyle for the first time! It was so much lighter than the others when it hatched that I did a...
  2. Blue Partridge Brahma Rooster

    Blue Partridge Brahma Rooster

  3. Blue Partridge Brahma Cockerel

    Blue Partridge Brahma Cockerel

    Rocky the Blue Partridge Brahma Rooster.
  4. Blue partridge Brahma cockerel

    Blue partridge Brahma cockerel

  5. rascal66

    Where to get Blue Partridge Brahmas?

    I'm curious and interested in getting some Blue Partridge Brahmas. Any breeder or hatchery that stocks them? I'm in WA, and would love to find a local breeder.
  6. rascal66

    Searching for Blue Partridge Brahmas in Western WA

    I'm looking for any Blue Partridge Brahmas out in Western WA. Looking for chicks, adults or hatching eggs. Please let me know if you can sell or know of any breeders? Thanks!
  7. rascal66

    Looking for Blue Partridge Brahma in western WA

    Does anyone in western WA raise and sell Blue Partridge Brahmas? Id love to get a cockerel for my future breeding. I'll consider chicks, older birds and even hatching eggs. Please feel free to message me for more details. I'm hoping to find a local breeder.
  8. Brahmachicken240

    Can I achieve blue partridge by crossing blue buff columbian with Golden partridge

    can I achieve blue partridge by crossing a blue buff Columbian Brahma rooster with a Golden partridge Brahma hen and then breed the offspring (hen) back to a Golden partridge Brahma rooster ? Here’s the chick (blue buff Columbian rooster over Golden partridge hen)
  9. Venumfire

    Rare Breed Chicks Available for Colorado Local Pick Up

    We do not ship our baby chicks, however, if you are willing to pick up in Strasburg, Colorado, you can add one of these treasured chick breeds to your flock. We do offer the service of raising them to pullet or hen age for you. We provide guarantee female sexing coverage by homing roosters and...
  10. speckledhen

    Partridge/blue Partridge Brahma Eggs $30, LOCAL Pickup Fannin Co. GA

    We have available right now for pickup 16 Partridge/Blue Partridge Brahma hatching eggs collected over the past week, priced lower than normal because we did not separate out the Dark Brahma hen from the Partridge and Blue Partridge. Will add any more laid today to the collection. $30 for all...
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