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  1. Bird_Lover_17

    Treats for quail

    Hi! I know I can give quail mealworms, but can I also give them fruits? If yes what kinds? Thank you!
  2. Bird_Lover_17

    Crazy About Quail

    Hi quail lovers! I have owned quail for 4 months but they have already made a place in my heart. Here, feel free to share quail pictures, quail stories and every thing quail! All quail species are welcome!
  3. Bird_Lover_17

    I'll answer your quail housing questions!

    Hi, I initially had a hard time figuring how to house my quail. So, I am writing this to help anyone who as questions about housing- you can have a small hutch or a giant pen! I will get back to you within 2 days! :)
  4. PennysHennys

    Seeking comprehensive information on Bobwhite quail

    Could anyone recommend a book about raising Bobwhite quail? I have 21 quail at 22 weeks old, 4 males. A couple of the hens are laying. I had to remove a female today that was part of a trio. Apparently she wasn't the favorite and her head was plucked bald. There is 1 male with 3 hens, no...
  5. PennysHennys

    First Eggs Bobwhite Quail

    First, I ask forgiveness ahead of time as I am sure the answer to this question is in this huge forum somewhere!! I have 21 Bobwhite quail that are 21 weeks old. I am a novice to raising them but have managed to condition them so that they look and act healthy now. Had them 3 weeks, obtained...
  6. J_J_max

    About bobwhites

    So, at the beginning of May I should be receiving baby bobwhites. My question is can they be tamed down? I know they are some of the wilder breeds of quail. Also, how would I tame them? Do we just handle them frequently? I know all about coturnix, but we unfortunately couldn't order those. :idunno
  7. Pgrine


  8. Quailtastic Quail

    Gooseberry the bobwhite quail

    Hey friends, just though I'd show you some pictures of my "chosen quail" because he is such a king. Gooseberry is a Georgia Giant Bobwhite quail (though I accidentally said Jumbo Wisconsin in my intro...whoops) and he is pretty dominant. Y'all can share your pictures if you'd like to.
  9. K

    Bobwhite not pipped yet day 23!!!

    Seen them rocking 2 days ago, Now nothing! Air cell is still there the rest is very dark! Should I be seeing movement? Is there anything I can do to see if they are alive! Losing hope :(
  10. K

    Bobwhite not hatching?!

    I seen the egg wobbling at day 19 or 20! Today is Day 23 and never saw movement since! A bit worried!! Is this normal?
  11. HarleyQuailison


    So for those who read my two other posts about my pet quail, here is an update!! 1st, the bully male did not get recaptured and I've given up hope, however, this left just my Female and her Mate, and ALL calmed down, no more freaking!! 2nd, there was no centipede bite, THANK GOD!!! And 3rd, My...
  12. K

    Humidity for bobwhite quails in lock down?!

    I have 2 eggs that have been on 50% humidity in their brinsea incubator for the last 15 days and have been doing great, been hearing alot of people say different things about lock down! Should I boost it to 65 or higher the last 3 days? I have no idea this is my first time hatching
  13. K

    Storage box brooder flooring?

    I have bobwhites hatching soon wondering what's best for flooring in the storage container as I see people use many different things like news paper, paper towels, and chicken wire but worried about there feet getting stuck or the chick getting hurt!?
  14. K

    Bobwhites, humidity for lockdown?!

    I have bobwhite eggs that will be going in to lockdown in a few day humidity has been between 40 to 50, wondering what I should boost it for lock down! Any advice will be appericate! First time hatching! Very nervous! Also wondering about how to make the best brooder possible! Thank guys!
  15. K

    Bobwhite and Gambel quails humidity drop??

    I have some gambel and bobwhite quails in the incubator usually kept at 100F and 45% to 55% Humidity. Started incubating 7days ago developing good, got home after 5 hours and see the humidity was down to 30% it's back up to it's usual now, but could the humidity drop harm them or kill them?
  16. Quail Stack

    Northern Bobwhite Quail Hatch-Along and Questions

    Hi, I'm hatching Northern Bobwhite Quail and wanted to share my journey with others on this site. The eggs started incubation on July 2nd, 2018, and are expected to hatch on the 24-25th. I'll be putting pictures of the Embryo development every 2-3 days here, and show some pictures of the hatched...
  17. Lilorp14

    Proper Quail Coop Dimensions?

    So I'm building a coop for my 10 Bobwhite Quail. (2 Males, 8 Females) I've had Bobs before and decided I missed their sweetness, so here I am. I'm just wondering if my dimensions are big enough, because I just heard about Boinking, and I don't want to lose any birds from it. My old quail would...
  18. C

    Bobwhite Quail Wings

    Hey all - we are new to the site. We have 17 3-week old Bobwhites that have discovered that their new wings allow them to gain distance (sigh). My question is, when is it too early to start clipping wings❓Can I clip them now or should I wait❓Also, I have only learned how to do this on YouTube...
  19. M

    First time bobwhite quail

    So I got some bobwhite quail instead of my coturnix quail i intended on getting so I'm not as familiar with them. They are 3 weeks old and pretty big already. When do they start laying eggs? When can they get moved from Brooder to outside? I heard they are seasonal layers when is their season...
  20. quailguy76


    Myself and my best friends are raising quail ... Right now we have Japanese Coturnix and are Licensed for Bobwhite...... We have 102 Bobwhite eggs in the incubator and in a few more days they will be going to the hatcher... The Coturnix have been easy to raise in warm weather but this winter was...
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