brahma color

  1. Phillisy

    Let’s see your Red Pyle (Splash Blue Partridge) Brahmas!

    This is our second year with BP Brahmas, and we have a BP rooster over Gold hens and a single BP hen. Recently we hatched out a batch for a customer, and ended up with what I’m assuming is a Splash/Red Pyle for the first time! It was so much lighter than the others when it hatched that I did a...
  2. Quailobsessed

    Question on my Brahma's Colour

    I have two Brahmas, I got them together. One is a Buff Brahma, but I'm not sure about the other one. The breeder where we got them from had two of each colour and we got one of each. Not sure if they are related. I live in Australia and I know with other birds that many mutations and colours are...
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