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  1. Stella1027

    Why my ducks are like that?

    I traveled for 1 week, in this time my neighbor was taking care of them when I came back home, they were like that, aggressive and the grey one was breathing heavily like in the video, their wings are like "down" and the white'n'black one is always trying to bite me. also, I don't know why they...
  2. S

    Chicken panting

    Hi everyone. I posted on here a few months ago explaining how my bantam was making odd sounds when breathing. Although this isn’t as bad as it was, she now seems to be panting very rapidly. It is hot here at the moment, about 25-30c but the other chickens don’t seem to be affected as much. She...
  3. Goosebaby

    Tip for overheating birds

    I just learned this today going off of a hunch and I wanted to share this for the chance that it could help someone else. If your goose or duck is overheating get their webs wet. Definitly move them to shade or a cooler location and get them some water to drink, preferably with a tub of water...
  4. L

    3 week old Pekins - breathing troubles

    I'm "fostering" a pair of ducklings this summer and may be running into some issues. There's a farm a bit north of me that raises poultry mostly for consumption (from what I gather) but runs a "fostering" gig in hatching season that lets people keep a pair of newly hatched ducklings for a few...
  5. Fynnbaby

    Ducklings breathing

    Hi everyone, I’ve had my duckling for a little over two weeks, and this morning he was all good, I then went to go change his water, and food. After that I went to go cut up some greens. And when I came back down he was breathing weird, you can hear it kinda like a whistle, and he’s breathing...
  6. gardenmama888

    Ah! Help - I Thought this egg had died.....

    Hello! So this is my first time incubating eggs. I had 3 eggs that were to hatch Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. The Monday and Tuesday eggs (small americana eggs) hatched yesterday and today but the Sunday egg (Maran) had shown zero progress. After reading about Marans and how hatch rates aren't...
  7. Campbellsduckies

    Month old duckling crackling sound while breathing

    Hey I was wondering if anyone knows why my month old ducklings making like a crackling noise sometimes when she’s breathing. I can also hear her breathing all the time which I’ve never noticed with any of my other ducks. That’s the only thing that seems wrong with her. She’s eating drinking and...
  8. C

    Clogged Chicken Nose

    Hi All - Admittedly, I am new to having chickens so please bear with me. I think my chicken has a clogged nose and I'm unsure what to do. So far I have tried using warm water and picking at is as she allows but not much is coming out or off. I also tried using a little peroxide and that...
  9. Hanaero

    Peahen breathing issues

    Hi there, We have our peahen Peanelopea who has been having breathing issues. We have seen a vet with her who suggested it could be gapeworm and/or treating for Mycoplasma (despite not having standard symptoms of Myco), vet also said she was underweight and a bit run down. Treatments being...
  10. S

    Chicken squeaking? Lump on throat?

    Hi there A few months ago my brown Pekin bantam chicken started making different noises to her usual sounds. Her usual sounds seem to be more high-pitched than usual, almost like she’s whistling/screaming/squeaking. There has been no chan in behaviour, she’s still as lovely as usual and eating...
  11. kitchenwdinah

    Respiratory Infection (Duck)

    Our duck Boston has been having respiratory issues since November. In November she developed a high pitched cough. It was rare so we thought nothing of it. In January she was open mouth breathing. We took her to ER, she was treated with antibiotics, antifungals, and dewormer. She got so bad she...
  12. Ashleygc470

    Pine shavings stuck in throat. Help!!!

    I have a 3 week old Ohiki (Japanese Long Tail Bantam) who had partially swallowed some Pine Shavings. I removed what I could see with a bright flashlight. She was cold, my kid moved the chick cage away from the heat lamp on accident. Found it hours later. I wiped a thin layer of crust from her...
  13. MistyDF

    Chicken Breathing Issue

    👋 I have a 3y RIR that has been fine until this evening. There is nothing I can find or see or hear but she is fluffed up and has some odd breathing going on. *My flock is small 7 *They are more pets that anything *There are no vets here *In Indiana any thoughts? video...
  14. R

    Possible breathing problem?

    I went to clean out my coop this morning and my hen seems to be having trouble breathing. I've attached a video with sound. She's not doing it constantly and periodically stops making the noise. Any thoughts? What can I do for her? https://imgur.com/a/ILlRJNK
  15. GLoucesterChick

    Concerned Silkie labored breathing

    Hi Chicken Mamas and Dadddys, A newer chickn mama here...I'm hoping for some guidance... Have a a group of 7 week old chickens all different breeds. The Silkie (Lucile) has labored breathing at night. Sneezes a lot too. She has always been more sneezy and I wasn't initially concerned, until I...
  16. Pugerpillar

    Chick gasping for air and is only half conscious

    Does anyone know what's wrong with her? She's so lethargic and I don't think she's getting enough oxygen. Her chirps are scratchy and shrill when she does get knocked out of her gasping, dizzy state, usually only ever because she got scared or excited.
  17. WildCHILD400

    What is this!??!

    Can someone please tell me why my 3 month old chicken does this. Its been about a week now. It is getting over cocciadstat and this breathing is getting progressively worse.
  18. D

    Advice Needed - 5 week old Pekin with respiratory issues.

    Hi everyone! This is my first thread, I hope I’m doing it correctly. I have a 5 week old Pekin named Peep who seems to have some respiratory issues. Her breathing has been kind of stuffy sounding over the last week and a few days ago her eyes started getting crusty. I looked in her nostrils...
  19. A

    Duckling unusual breathing

    My 3 1/2 weeks duckling has been sneezing a lot and has some kind of breathing difficulty, is it something I should be concerned about? I recorded it while breathing Please listen to it's breathing
  20. T

    EMERGENCY: Chicken has trouble breathing!

    Dear all, Our Sussex now ~2 years of age, was having trouble walking 3 days ago (when we noticed). Her right leg hurts a lot, and she would rather stand on her other leg. We went to the vet yesterday and it didn't seem as bumblefoot, as there are apparent lumps in her leg (she is also shaking...
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