1. ecb4156

    What breed is she?

    I just got this chicken and I love her but I’m wondering what she is. I’m showing a pic of her beside my RIR and she is the same size as my Cochin roo. She’s also got some funky feet lol
  2. BethJ

    What constitutes a good breeding program?

    A question for anyone out there breeding rare or threatened breeds off of the Livestock Conservancy list... What constitutes a good breeding program? I understand that depending on the breed there will be limited genetics to work with. That can lead to some quirks and deformities; there may be...
  3. W

    I found a baby bird ( help me find the type)

    at 9:00 pm I get a call from my boyfriend saying his cat found a baby bird and they can’t find the nest so he asked me to take care of it. (In the past I raised wild birds.) I can’t find the type of bird this is, I live in Oregon. It’s 10:43 please help.
  4. WildCHILD400

    Breed and gender?

    Im supposed to recieve this chicken once he/she is older. I am hoping it is a hen because I am looking for another egg layer for my backyard flock. Any thoughts on breed or gender? (Black chick in the front on the right)
  5. Blazegglo

    What kind of bantam chicks do I have?

    Just got these 2 chicks at tractor supply yesterday and I'm trying to see if I can figure out what kind of bantam chicks they are....
  6. wingzrooke

    Looking for name of a breed/type of quail

    So I believe this type of quail was originally bred from Coturnix, but I'm not sure. I've seen pictures of it, and it's a sort of snowy-black and white color (like a fuzzy screen). Any ideas on what type it might be? Thanks!
  7. Jessezgirl96

    Breed and Gender help

    hey friends! My babies are 3 weeks 4 days and my curiosity is killing me. I’m starting to see some hints but would love your input and wisdom. Thanks in advance⚠️❤️
  8. AvaPrentice

    What breed is my chick

    Hi there. A couple of weeks ago I bought a mixed bunch of chicks. This one is about three weeks old and I was just wondering what breed it could be?
  9. C

    what is the gender of my chicken?

    Can anyone help me identify the gender and/or breed of my chick? It is almost 3 weeks old.
  10. C

    Chick breed?

    My chick is 1 week old and am trying to determine the breed of chick. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  11. Savana Monsche- Wilson

    What breed is my duck? PLEASE HELP

    Hi! My name is Savana and this is my pet duck Vause. She is 10 weeks old. I am unsure of the breed but I have pictures attatched!! Please help.
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