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  1. P

    What are these chickens? Gender and breed

    These are 10 week old chickens we’ve had since 1 day old. We were told they were barred Plymouth Rock but with a buff gene… born yellow but probably would turn out black/white barred. They are nice chickens but don’t seem to be turning out as initially thought. The breeder also had australorps...
  2. TheOvoOffice

    Mystery chick dumped at the shelter

    Hi! This chick was literally dumped at my area shelter. Unfortunately, that means we know actually nothing about it including age, breed, or if it received proper nutrition for the first few weeks of its life that could have affected feather growth. My suspicion due to the feather pattern...
  3. Prosechicks

    What kind of rooster is this?

    He showed up tagging along with my chickens the other day and won't leave... Lol he's not the slightest aggressive, just kinda hangs around and doesn't bother. My other roo's are unbothered by him. Rhode Island?
  4. D

    What sex is this 11 Week old Easter Egger and is the other one an AMeracauna.

    I tried taking photos of comb and feathers. This one is more red than the other Easter Egger. The first three photos are the one in question. The 4th photo is of the other Easter Egger we brought home the same time. ALSO, the 5th picture - what type is she. tufts and beard but legs more greenish...
  5. Chicken_Mammy

    What breed are these 2week chicks?

    My mom picked up these little fluff-butts about a week ago, and she thought she was getting Golden Comets (obviously they were mislabeled at TSC). I’m leaning towards Cinnamon Queens because I have a couple but these chicks have fluffier cheeks/lighter coloring than mine did. We also aren’t sure...
  6. Phalennichole

    What’s your best guess at these breeds.

    What is the the Breeds of these chicks?
  7. N

    Cuckoo Maran or Barred Rock

    Another mystery chick from cackle. Any idea? Thanks for the help!
  8. ChezCadam

    Lost and Found - Breed Identification Needed

    Sheltering a stray. Very friendly. Looking for breed confirmation. Thanks all!
  9. ChickeNelson

    Sold as same but obviously different

    We bought these 2 chicks at TSC on March 30. The sign said straight run Wyandotte. The first picture is day we brought them home (2 dark ones on the left are in question). The other pictures are today. Just curious about opinions on breed and sex, especially because of the difference in combs...
  10. Tom_Luthor

    Cockerels or Hens and Breed?

    Hello Yolks, a coworker bestowed upon me 7, 1 week old chicks that he raised from a random assortment of eggs, which as of the 7-8 week old mark, I'm starting to get worried about the amount of cockerels I may have, and also curious the breed of each. Any and all help would would be appreciated...
  11. Phalennichole

    What are their breeds?

    I get most of our chickens from a breeder but I seen overcrowding at tractor supply and couldn’t pass a few up lol. Any guesses on what these breeds are. There’s two pictures of each chicken. 7 chickens in total.
  12. Walnutchickies

    Surprise box of chicks from Alchemist Farm

    Hi! I ordered the suprise box of chicks from alchemist farm in California. Didn’t get to choose any of the breeds in the box. Was suppose to get 10 and pleasantly surprised with 15 beautiful babies. Would appreciate any help with breed identification and sex. The potential breeds are German...
  13. 30h1ppu5

    ID for Stray Chicken

    Hi all! My husband and I are purchasing a house that is vacant. The owner left behind whatever chickens they couldn’t catch. Today we were both lucky and unlucky to find this pretty girl tangled in fishing line and stuck in a bush! She’s quarantined from the rest of our flock right now, but we’d...
  14. K

    New chickenmama/Member w/ chick questions

    Hi, i got a cockerel and 2 pullets late fall 2021. Two weeks ago, incubator hatched 7 eggs w/ 5 surviving chicks. Been scouring internet to help id likely breeds and poss sexing. Father: Bantam Amercauna cross ( based on coloring, murr rather than wattle,red eyes) Mother: 1of2 New Hampshire Red...
  15. The chicken nurd

    Any birds you want to know the breeds of

    This thread is for anyone who spots a random bird and are curious about what breed it is or gender is you want could be a bird from your flock or your friends neighbor flock or just a random bird you noticed on a walk Just post a picture of it and will try and figure it out for you Rules...
  16. missmaqs

    Random hatchery birds - what am I?!

    I ordered some Polish birds from a hatchery and got a couple extra surprises in the box. Any idea what these guys are? Is the last one of them just a polish boy?
  17. P

    What is this chicken?

    Can anyone help identify what type of chicken this is? We found it waking along a main road and have taken it in. It also has a large lump on one of its wings that it keeps pecking and making it bleed, we are trying to keep it clean but not sure what it is. Not sure what to do!
  18. May_1

    Mallard or SA?

    This is one of my female duck, and I still can't seem to figure out which breed she is, could you guys help me out?
  19. Jengo Chick

    What breed are these chickens?

    Hi! This is our first time raising chickens. I got these randomly as a backyard mix of chicks when they were a few days old. We have 4. Any idea what breeds we have? Posting pictures of each of them and also a pic of them together for sizing detail. They are 9 weeks old. I know we have at...
  20. K

    What breed and gender do you think?

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