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  1. Zoboomafoo20

    My chicken, Koala!

    Hello! So May 6-8 2021, we hatched 6 chicks! The one I named, Koala, was a wild card with gender and breed. We got the eggs from people we petsat for with a NUMBER of different breeds. I’m thinking Koala is a hen, but I would love to just make sure! I’m new to backyard chickens, and this is my...
  2. CoopedInn

    Abandoned bird - what breed?

    I was driving through a remote stretch of mountains not too far from where I live, and at one of the scenic pull offs, found this beauty. I’m guessing someone had just dropped her off (at least I believe it’s a hen), as there aren’t any homes for miles. She approached my vehicle immediately...
  3. E

    All black chick?

    Hatched these guys yesterday the hen is a barred rock and I’m not sure what the rooster is but he is white with a bit of black and I ended up with some interesting looking chicks one is black another is black and white and the rest all all light coloured. Why do some turn black and the others...
  4. PilipinoDude

    What breed and gender is this chick?

  5. J

    First time chicken mama trying to figure out sex/breeds

    Hi everyone, i have recently took in 8 little day old chicks. They have now hit the 5 week mark and i am curious about their breeds. I dont know very much about chickens, learning as i go. This site has already helped a lot. I am also wondering how many roosters i have. I have 2 that i am pretty...
  6. MidTNchickie

    Help w/genders and breeds of my flock, please!

    I am totally new to chickens so am unsure about what I have. They are all 7-8 weeks old. Purchased at tsc on 4/30 as itty bitty babies. 2 Barred rocks (???) “A” & “B” 2 Rhode Island Reds “C” & “D” 2 Lavender Orpingtons “E” & “F” 1 Buff rock (?) “G” Based on what I’ve read here on BYC, I think...
  7. G

    Help ID teenage chickens please

    Hi! We got week-old chicks from the local farm and fleet in Wisconsin, but the lady on duty wasn't sure what they were. We also think that one may be a cockerel. Any ideas? The tan stripes are really throwing me off - maybe they will change over time?
  8. C

    Anyone know breed or gender of my chickens?

    Is there anyone that can help me figure out my birds gender and breed. These birds are almost 2 months old.
  9. 23kthistlethwaite

    Early Developing Cockerel?

    I have three 2-week-old buff Orpingtons and I know it is really early but one’s comb already looks red and thicker than the others. Can you say if this is a cockerel yet?
  10. Cluckcluck2000

    Black Copper Marans?

    I'm a new chicken mama looking for help identifying the breed and sex of these chickens! They were in rough shape when we brought them home, missing feathers in some places. The lady we purchased them from told us they were Black Copper Marans, but I'm not too sure. We're also not 100% that...
  11. C

    Polish, male?

    Hi everyone, We recently hatched an assortment of chicks (my wife is a kindergarten teacher and hatches for her class). We decided to keep a few and gave away the rest. We're waiting to see what these turn into and we'll give away any roosters that turn up. We have this one that we've started...
  12. C

    Please can someone help me sex my chickens and tell me what breed they are if possible!!!

    Hi Everyone, I’m a complete beginner to this scene…. I hatched 2 chickens at the start of may; (the eggs were from a local farmer) I now need to firstly know what sex they are and what breed if possible, I have read up a lot recently and my novice predictions would say they are both...
  13. H

    Still Confused

    My chickens are a little older now and wild as ever so I cannot catch them for closer pictures. Any idea on breed of bantams these are and sex if possible. I think I have 2 or more males but not sure.
  14. Lindseypunch

    5-6 week old Lavender-male or female?

    I’m a fairly new chicken mother. My mom got me hooked. The black chick in the pictures came from Tractor Supply when I noticed all the other chicks pecking all the meat off of it’s toes. When it’s foot healed up I got the chick a lavender friend, and they have been smitten with each other since...
  15. G

    8 week Rhode Island White

    Hi all! I have a almost 8 week old Rhode Island White. Can anyone tell if it is a male or female?
  16. G

    8 week Orpington make or female

    Hi all! I have an almost 8 week old Orpington. And I wanted to see if you all could tell if it is a male or female?
  17. SamsonsCoop

    Went to tractor supply came home with 2 bantams can you tell me if this chick is a boy or girl and is it an old English? Or a different breed?

    Please help me figure out if my baby chick is a hen or a roo? Picked them both up from tractor supply. I'm a bantam bin. All help is much appreciated!!! Will post more pictures if needed
  18. C

    Curious on possible male or female RIR?

    I have 9 rhode island reds that are almost 4 weeks. I believe I have 6 pullets and 3 Roos. I know it’s early but what would you say? Just curious! Lol chick #1 chicks #2 (I believe these both are Roos) Chicks #3 (I believe these are all pullets) chicks#4 (Roo to the left and pullet to the...
  19. purpleRooster

    Any thoughts on what breed this is?

    I posted these chicks a couple of weeks ago but I still wonder what breed this is. They’re now 6 weeks old and I posted them at 2 weeks. I think majority thought they were silkies but I’m not sure
  20. Chicken Unboxing

    Rooster hen? Hen started crowing?

    So my bantam, which was suspected to be a hen, started crowing. Now I've heard about crowing hens and all that, but I'm not sure. We think she layed an egg because we found two eggs in our coop, one broken and one normal. The white one layed the broken egg (we saw her in action...) so we assumed...
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