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  1. BeanBoy

    What breeds are these chicks?

    So before anyone asks, I’m not really sure on their ages. I got them a month or two ago (I think) and lost track of when I originally bought them. I thought I had bought black sex links and golden laced Wyandottes, but I’m not exactly sure. I’m not really sure about these silver and black chicks...
  2. Hooshie

    Chick help

    Got this chick with 11 different chicks from Rural King. They’re all about 4-5 weeks old. This ones about half the size of every other chick but feathering out around the same rate. Has pale/grey clean legs and rounder in the back with small tail feathers just coming in.
  3. Crazychicklady43002

    Plymouth Barred Rock or Cuckoo Maran?!?!?!

    Hey all you educated chicken people!!! I'm trying to figure out if I have a Barred Rock or a Cuckoo Maran??? Also want to get option on the one that definitely looks like a Barred Rock. You think Karen or Kyle? The first 3 pics are of the one that we don't know the breed. Last 3 pics we wanna...
  4. E

    Black comb/legs/skin - Sex? EE??

    So I bought hatching eggs from a farm as Frizzle Easter Egger eggs, and though two of the eggs that hatched were black chicks, one of them not only had black feathers but also black legs/comb/skin (the other did not). Can EE’s have black combs/legs/skin?? How can I tell the sex of the chick...
  5. B

    Duck breed? Help? :(

    I recently rescued a baby duckling after a male duck tried to attack it- he grabbed the baby by the wing and swung it around. So now i’ve been taking care of it. She’s a bit grown up now although i dont know what breed this is? I could really use some help since i have no clue what the mother...
  6. N

    Any suggestions on breed or gender?

    Hi there! First time hatching chicks, bought a mixed dozen of fertilised eggs for our broody hen. We’ve heard it might be possible to sex our chicks based on their wing feathers... can anyone suggest if this 5 day old chick is male or female? Bonus points if you have an idea of breed (details of...
  7. S

    What Breed and Gender?

    I have 2 new chickens and have no idea their breed or gender. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. chicken95

    What breed/ gender are these!

    Hi guys. Wonder if any of you experts could help I have 5 youngsters in my flock but I am unsure of their breed and genders pretty sure 2 welsummer hens and don’t know about the others! Any advice would be brilliant! They are about 3 months old now!
  9. D

    My first Chicks

    i Have 4 chickens that I brought as eggs from ebay. I now have 4 different looking chicks and I would love to know what breeds they are to properly take care off them. any help grateful
  10. Macrasoo

    Can you tell me the breed of these chicks

    t These chicks are 8 weeks old and are both the same breed but I don't know what breed. Please if you can tell me it would be great thank you .
  11. Phantom_k9

    Need help with breed and sex of chicks

    We have sorta adopted a bunch of chicks that were hatched by a friend, and we need to know which are pullets and which are cockerels. We haven't had much luck figuring this out on our own. If yall need me to post some more pics / different angles then let me know! Thanks in advance for any help...
  12. ChickStavie

    Rural King Salmon favorella

    I know its to early to really tell but i bought all my birds as pullets but this salmon favorelle seems to either not be right breed/gender or just early devolper This one above i believe is pullet the one below i think is different breed/gender
  13. B

    What gender and breed do I have?

    Hello everyone , I have some chickens and I’m not sure what kind of breed they are and what their gender is. I would really like to know in order to see how many egg layers I will have. :idunno
  14. H

    What breed are my chicks?

    So I bought some White Leghorn chicks at Stock & Field about 4 weeks ago. Two of them have grown faster and are much the heavier than the other chicks I currently have. Part of me thinks they’re fast developing Roos or are just completly different breed. What do you think?
  15. snowyginger

    Unknown Sex and Breed of 6 week old chick

    We got an assorted group of chicks about six weeks ago and we have figured out the breeds of all except this one, and we aren’t sure if this little one is a he or a she either. Can I get a little help figuring all this out?
  16. MamaGer8ty

    Not sure the breed or gender, any guesses?

    So, I’m not sure the breed. My husband said Andalusian or golden laced Wyandotte but I really don’t know. Also, not sure the sex. Any thoughts? I really appreciate it! He/she is 6 wks old.
  17. D

    I have 4 little chicks, all different breeds

    Hi, I brought some eggs and put them in the incubator (as you do). They have hatched all different breeds and now I don’t know how to tell if I have any pullets
  18. N

    Sex of mixed flock

    Hi, I have a mixed flock of eight chicks: 10 1/2 week old Blue Cochin (one is black other is...splash? Idk), 9 week old Lavender Marans and Americauna, 8 week old Wheaten Marans and Olive Eggers. I’m having a bad feeling that many of them are cockerels. Only one that I feel positive is a pullet...
  19. eveleychook

    What Sex chicks are they?

    I have 4 unsexed chicks and was wondering whether you could help me solve, the case of boy or girl? As well as their breeds based on their feathering. Please see below images. Chick 1 Chick 2 Chick 3 Chick 4 Please let me know what you think.
  20. J

    Needing help with sex and breed all bantam bin

    #1 grey Batam I believe to be a rooster #2 TINY hen bantam? This little grey tan brown girl seems sooo much smaller than the rest! #3 white and brown/red and tallest of my bantams, long thick legs #4 brown and black but the tail has a GREEN sheen! I have two of these and one has a comb that I...
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