1. BlackHoundHobbyFarm

    Polish Breeders near NY?

    Hi! I’m looking for some Polish breeders near Upstate NY. Any help would be appreciated!
  2. davidmpenning

    How to find specific breed Breeders?

    As I’ve been researching which DP to get for meat birds, I keep coming across people saying to make sure to buy from a breeder. It sounds like some hatcheries are good, but breeders (breeding for meat quality) should be better. I’ve searched on other websites and here on BYC, on Facebook and...
  3. BlackHoundHobbyFarm

    Pygora or Nigora Goat Breeders Near NY?

    Hi! Just wanted to see if anyone knows of someone who breeds Pygora's or Nigora's near NY state.
  4. Winter Creek Coop

    Light Sussex source...

    Hello friends. Do any of you know of a good hatchery for Light Sussex or any of the less common sussex breeds? I am not looking for show quality so I don’t want to pay $50 per SR chick. I found True North had them for a reasonable price but they are in Canada. I need someone in the States...
  5. Takeylla

    {Finalizing} Which one do you like best?

    I plan on being a poultry breeder and I’d like to know which name will fit best for my farm of chickens and more!
  6. D

    Are breeders honest with what they sell ?

    Last year I bought some silkie hatching eggs from a breeder but the birds that hatch from them were not the same quality that I saw in the photos on his website. The eggs were quite expensive (over 100$ for 20) so I was expecting some better results so I ended up selling all the chickens except...
  7. Trevorusn

    ISO breeder quality Jersey Giants and non-light Brahmas

    Looking for breeder quality blue/black JG breeders and fullsize Brahma breeders, preferring the New England region but not picky if birds are quality stock and can be shipped. Thanks. Looking for spring timeline as well.
  8. Jraba1315

    Does anyone know where I can get BBS Faverolle Chicks?

    I am searching BBS Faverolle chicks or hatching eggs. Preferably one rooster and some hens. Does anyone know a breeder that sells these? I can't find them anywhere. I would like them to be show quality/non hatchery chicks. And does anyone know the price range I should expect on these? Thank you...
  9. Beccazon

    Michigan Breeders??

    I see on the list there are 2 MI breeders and only one has chickens. Can anyone refer me to any other breeders in Michigan? NOT hatcheries please. The Thumb/Mid-Michigan region would be best really anywhere in the LP is worth a look see. If it is helpful, these are the particular breeds I am...
  10. Ashleygc470

    Hatching tips

    Our first incubation, we had 3 out of 8 fertilized eggs successfully hatch. I know we messed up in a few areas. We opened it too many times and didn't lay them on their side on day 18. Question 1: Do y'all have any tips that aren't well known? Something you discovered that has worked good for...
  11. heathercara

    Do NOT use Chickens for Backyards! Please read - this is my story

    BEWARE CHICKEN LOVERS: Stay FAR AWAY From Chickens For Backyards ( Please read below as my chickens arrived infected with a rare disease. I ordered 10 chicks of various varieties from them and received 13. One arrived dead, and others began dying immediately afterwards...
  12. 7

    Black sumatra rooster SoCal

    hi So with the Newcastle disease quarantine I cant even ship a chick from a Hatchery Is there any local breeders in SoCal that have any young roos available? Did consider hatching eggs but I don’t want a bunch of Sumatra’s, just a beautiful rooster to look pretty in the garden lol

    Copper Maran Breeders

    I’m looking for any French Black Copper Maran breeders near me. I live in Western Massachusetts so I’d love to learn about any breeders in Mass, Upstate New York, or Vermont—even if they don’t breed Marans. Does anyone know? Thanks!
  14. GmanR

    Ayam Cemanis

    Anyone on here know a trusted breeder of Ayam Cemanis? Id like to eventually get some but dont exactly trust sellers on ebay and dont have a clue where to start on trying to get some. Any help is very much appreciated, thank you
  15. Awtdaniel05


    Hello, I am looking for some sebrights and was wondering if anyone has some for sale or knows someone who has some for sale
  16. S

    Looking for bantam or call duck breeders?

    I live in Washington state and have been trying to find a pair of call ducks? I've been unsuccessful finding a breeder that's local. Anybody have any suggestions, or know of any breeders that ship nationally?
  17. nikoleb

    Breeders of heritage meet birds

    Does anyone out there raise and breed their own heritage meat birds and can ship and sell them as chicks? I heard the heritage breeders have a lot better stock than the hatcheries. I am in Idaho.
  18. Brahma94

    Brahmas exibition bird exporters

    Hello, I’m looking for blue columbian brahmas and light brahmas to export them to Pakistan. Someone in the list that might help?
  19. Chickenclaw

    Breeders or hatcheries In Australia

    Hi everyone, I thought I should make this thread for people who are wanting to buy Poultry in AU. If you know any good hatcheries or breeds put their website here to help others find places to buy their poultry.
  20. FarmersDaughter1913

    Farmer's Daughter-The Chicken Princess

    Having been born to a 3rd generation poultry farmer, breeder, and hatcheryman, I have spent my entire life around chickens... Just like my father and his father before him, who's father started this whole thing. Being the only girl, and baby, after 10 boy cousins... I was dubbed the chicken...
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