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  1. K

    Possible Mycoplasma G./Coryza (Breeding for resistance)?

    Hello everyone, greetings from EU! I think my chickens have Mycoplasma G. or Coryza since one of them smelled badly. Some of them had bubbles in their eyes, sneezed and the smelly one still has a swollen spot under her eye, I treated them with Tylan powder, all of the symptoms disappeared...
  2. MysteryChicken

    Chicken Breeding Projects, For 2020!

    Hello chicken peoples, I would like to hear your breeding projects for 2020? Here's a couple projects I'll be working on, and/or continuing. My 2020, Breeding Projects: #1. Wheaten Crele Orpingtons #2. Non-Fighting Muff GameFowl My Future Breeding Projects: #1. Crele Silkies #2. Rainbow Laying...
  3. bfc chicks

    Country farmette with all the privileges?

    I don't know if this is the right spot but here goes. Why I'm bfc i dont know I usually go by BFAD, which was the name of my farmette for Alpine dairy goats. I have been raising animals for 65 years, starting with rabbits and now ending up with 2 Jersey cows, 2 alpine goats, 16 muscovy ducks, 24...
  4. Raymber

    Wondering how this works

    Hi! I ended up crossing my Houdan rooster with one of my Buff Orpington hens (RIP) and I got this beautiful cockerel that I want to breed as well. I am not sure on his color pattern, feather pattern, etc. They are not the greatest pictures but you can see his breast in the first one, behind...
  5. Jraba1315

    Ameraucana Mixes

    So I am getting a Blue Ameraucana Cockerel (About 4-5 months), 2 Blue Ameraucana Pullets, and 2 Black Ameraucana pullets. I am planning on showing them (or some of my other chickens) through 4-H through my high school, but I was also wondering what breeds I could/should get to breed with my Blue...
  6. rocking chickens

    Breeding Question

    Will this work? Here is the calculator I used Chicken Plug-in Calculator. To make eggs blue without beard and muff w/ pea comb Brahma (Columbia light) over silver partridge Easter egger Male F1 without ear tuft over Female F1 without ear tuft Male F2 without beard over Female F1 without...
  7. Verbon30

    Silkie chicks

    I have a blue splash silkie rooster and 2 white and 1 black hen but I only get splash and white chicks never any black chicks out of 40 chicks in all from them.
  8. dirkapitation

    could i breed my chickens and how long do you think it will take

    i have two roosters that i plan on keeping and one that im trying to get rid of one is a large amberlink and the other a small bantam i have both bantam and large hens who can breed with who also my roosters are all about twenty weeks
  9. Darrell Cunningham

    Cornish hybrids

    Cornish cross hybrids grow fast how long dose it take for them to mature and lay eggs . Want to breed a hen with a Marans too see if I can make a nice meat bird .
  10. Awtdaniel05

    Crossing chickens to get a real breed

    What breeds can I cross to get a real breed that is not a barnyard mix?
  11. Ledor30

    Brahma Hens

    I am new to breeding chickens. I have two Light Brahma hens that are about 7 months old, I just wanna know when is the appropriate age for my Brahmas to have baby chicks???
  12. Birdpeeps

    GIANT Red Cochin Roo's for sale!

    I've got a handful of roosters I would like to sell. They are giant cochins, a few that are solid red, and few that are mainly red with some black tail feathers. The black feathered roo's are still pure giant cochin, but they are of a red hen and a black cochin rooster. They were all incubated...
  13. Jack Czerwonka

    Fertile Chicken

    Hey I am trying to breed my Jap bantams. I put some eggs in the incubator and they look infertile wondering how to make my rooster fertile. I have seen him try to mate but no eggs are fertile any advice? Thanks!
  14. H

    Chicken genetics book?

    Hey everyone! I’m new to the chicken world and I find chicken genetics to be super interesting but also confusing. I’ve tried doing research online about genetics of feathering and egg shell color but sometimes I read opposing statements on different websites. My question is: does anyone know of...
  15. M

    How to separate breeds to breed purebreds

    hi all, I’m new here. My name is Meyer, my husband and I live with our two children in northern Italy. We have had chickens for about 7 years, in a very low maintenance sort of way. The chickens have two sheds open to them and a large garden area where they run. We leave their shed doors...
  16. Erie26

    Buff brahma x barred rock eggs

    My buff brahma, Caramel, had bred my barred rock hen. I have heard how long it takes before the eggs are fertile, but I would like some insight or more knowledge about the breeding and how long it usually is before the egg is fertile. I like to raise some baby :jumpy and hope to have some of...
  17. CatchaTorriFarms

    Sapphire Gem Breeding

    I have my own personal flock of Sapphire Gems with both males and females. Although i have a few questions as i dive into this more extensively. Anyone one know what makes up the breed? What are they originally crossed with? Is this a breed particularly like the ISA Brown, sex-able based on...
  18. mons537

    line breeding / inbreeding / crossbreeding

    this will read like a statement but I’m just looking for input Breed Male to Female then Male back to daughter and or hen back to son - keep records - mark your fowl - cull all defects - this is an example of line breeding Brother Sister matings to set the trait but you must cull ruthlessly -...
  19. noodles17

    Small scale Breeding question

    I have 4 hens and a rooster. 1 hen is a silkie and the other 3, including the roo, are of the same father but different mother's. Would it be okay to mate my roo with his half sisters? I got them from my mom's flock who she incubated some eggs from. The hens lay very good and big eggs. And the...
  20. M

    Silkie Breeding - How did this happen?

    Hello all, I am fairly new to chicken genetics and how feather color is expressed. From what I understand, a black silkie would have 2 recessive black genes (bl/bl). White is a little bit of a wild card it's a recessive white (c) that turns off the colors so it's paired with another color...
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