broken wing droopy wing

  1. P

    Injured hen beak punctured, misaligned, and discolored

    My poor hen was attacked by a predator and has an injured wing (it is limp and likely broken) and a twisted upper beak (rotated up to the left). We've had problems with possums in the past, and I'm glad I caught her before more harm could be done. There is a puncture I have cleaned up and it...
  2. JustSarahThanks

    TL;DR: Yesterday was not a good day. (things are handled, but just wanted to share)

    The short of it is one of my 13 week old pullets apparently broke her right wing in two places. I went in to do my morning chicken-check(in) and took one look at little Goga and something was very obviously not right. She was standing weirdly off by herself, her wings were hanging kind of...
  3. MissNiss

    Hen with droopy injured broken wing, pics

    I've been trying to decipher what is going on with my 2 year old brown leghorn. She was found, upside down on the coop floor below roosts. She was helped up, hobbled off and I've isolated her in a crate for care. There was no blood, but she was walking over her long primary feathers on the...
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