1. amymae1100

    Tom's or Hens?

    I have been wanting turkeys forever and especially since I had to give away my guineas because they started bothering the neighbors after 4 years of staying in our yard, darn things, (released them at a friend's drive-thru safari though :)) So I finally bought 1 tom (jake?) and 1 hen from a...
  2. A

    Peafowl Variety?

    Hi, I'm new to peafowl! I just got these 3 babies over the weekend. They are 2 weeks old. I was told that they could be either of two types. Bronze Black Shouldered or Indian Blue Black Shoulder split Bronze. I was just wondering if anyone had any peachicks in those colors that could tell what...
  3. 20190413_143130


  4. T

    Sexing 9 Week Old Poults

    I got two turkey poults 6 weeks ago (when they were two weeks old) and the lady was almost positive they were a male (the darker one) and a female (the lighter one). However I’m just not sure and obviously it’s extremely difficult to sex young turkeys. I was told they were a mix of Bourbon Red...
  5. Functional Rustic

    Cooking Bronze Turkey Eggs

    My bronze turkey, Gladys, is laying eggs now. So cool. The first few were twin yolks. I'm noticing that the yolk is much thicker than a chicken egg. How will my dishes change when I use Turkey egg instead of Chicken egg? Do you have any Turkey Egg specific recipes? Any tips for breaking the...
  6. aparmley

    Porter's Rare Heritage Crossbreeds

    So the plan was to buy some Narragansetts (or something similar) this year and raise to sell for eating, and so I can collect the feathers. Then I found Porter's crossbreed turkeys and am in love with the pencilled palms and similar. I am wondering if anyone here has the pencilled or any other...
  7. Helen in the Desert

    Sexing Opal & other non-BS colors

    Do Opal, Bronze, Peach and other color variants still show the same barring that Blue do? I know Black Shoulder is a whole different set of rules, but for "regular" Non-BS colors do the same basic barring rules apply? I cannot find many pictures, or accurately labeled pictures, of peachicks in...
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