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  1. N

    Rooster needs new home, Bucks County PA

    We currently have 26 hens and one rooster. He's a 1.5 year old Salmon Faverolle, very handsome and well-behaved. Unfortunately our neighbors are not appreciating his protective crowing. He's just doing his job but they don't care :) We need to find him a new home.
  2. L

    Ducks for sale bucks county PA

    Hello! I have four wonderful ducks for sale in Bethlehem Pennsylvania. I really just want them to go to a good home. They are all just about one year old, I have one female khaki campbell, one male khaki campbell and two female welsh harlequins. I’d be willing to sell all four together or the...
  3. P

    BYC new member

    Hi All, I just joined BYC this morning. My chickens and I live in Bucks County, PA in the small borough of Ivyland. Per ordinance, we are allowed up to 5 hens, no roosters. I started with chickens about 4 years ago. We have a small circle of life in our backyard. We feed and care for the...
  4. Huntergatherr

    Hello from Bucks County PA

    Hi! First time chicken owner, cacklehatchery 31 birds ordered. 20 dominiques, 3 black Sumatras, 3 brown leghorn, and 5 guinea hens. We only lost 1 black Sumatra a week in, and the other two are everyone's favorite. Current flock is 23 birds. 3 adult guineas, 6 younger lavender guineas (my...
  5. J

    East coast area

    my family and I are carefully considering moving to the east coast to be near family. I am struggling to find accurate information in regards to backyard chicken laws & ordinances, specifically for the area just outside of Philadelphia, Bucks or Montgomery counties. Any one have any information...
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