1. Mamasea

    To Roof the Run or Not

    Newbie chicken girl here. I have 15 chicks that will be moving to their outdoor home in 4 weeks or so. I currently have converted a side of the barn into the coop. My original plan was to build an attached run with a corrugated metal roof. Now, when I break down the cost, it seems that I could...
  2. Keeping Chickens On A Budget: Tips From 'The Queen of Freecycle'

    Keeping Chickens On A Budget: Tips From 'The Queen of Freecycle'

    A few years ago I decided to make annual records of everything I got for free (ok, so I’m a bit OCD, but its been fun and informative to look back on them). I place online ads or answer them; finds things at the side of the road or in the free pile at a garage sale; get fruits and veggies from...
  3. Elmochook

    My pallet coops and ideas needed for play cube coop

    **pic heavy lol sorry** I love pallets! They are awesome, you can do so much with them and they are like grown up Legos. The 1st pic is my most recent coop built entirely of pallets and scrap wood. The fence is tied together in a lot of places for ease of removing and reconfiguring. Im working...
  4. Upcycled Coop On A Budget

    Upcycled Coop On A Budget

    At the end of August I was given a structure that was essentially a 4’ x 4’ x 8’ box with 2 doors on each side - on the narrow sides one door opened upwards and one downwards and on the long sides both doors opened out. It was left on a property by the previous owner and I think it was going to...
  5. Afrodigh

    4 Hen Coop and Run on a Budget

    I'm determined to have 4 laying hens by spring 2018 (I'm planning on buying pullets after our last frost). My husband thinks it is more economical to buy a pre-fab rather than make one. I've read how disappointed most folks are with the budget-friendly prefabs, so I'm curious: Is it possible to...
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