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  1. Momoftres

    My first egg ❤️❤️❤️

    I thought this big girl was a Rooster for the longest time 😂😂 Got this lil egg today! I am so happy.
  2. Momoftres

    My first egg!!!

    I thought this big girl was a Rooster for the longest time 😂😂 Got this lil egg today! I am so happy.
  3. lbgreenfield

    Older Chicken Sitting A Lot

    Hi there. I have a 3-year old Buff Orpington that likes to sit a lot...like, a lot. She sits under the log jungle gym in the run, she sits in the mulch landscaping bushes, she sits on my lap, she sits on patio under the table (where she currently is sitting as I write this), and now that the...
  4. SophiaLinn

    Any ideas as to when my pullets might start laying?

    I have 3 golden laced wyandottes, 2 easter eggers, a buff orpington, and a black australorp. They are just over 20 weeks now and have been on their new layer feed since about 18 1/2 weeks (mixed with their old food for a week to avoid digestive issues). I'm just wondering if there are any clues...
  5. Momoftres

    Little older... still pullets?

    Two of my Buff Orpingtons are nine weeks, the other two are seven weeks. My blue copper Marans is also seven weeks. Are we still thinking they are all ladies? Thanks everyone!
  6. Norma_Lorp

    New girls - new drama

    picked up a silver Wyandotte and a buff orp yesterday to add to my three original girls who are almost 2 yrs old. Lost one of my brahmas last week due to unknown cause- it was always a little off so maybe there was always something wrong with her. Sad. The Wyandotte has quickly become the...
  7. D

    What gender do I have?

    I have 2 Buff Orlintons and 2 Amaraucana. I fear I have 3 boys and one girl 😔 I think the Black and white ones are boys? And one of the buffs a boy? I would love it if I am wrong please help!
  8. D

    New member

    Hi my name is Heather. We live in Grand Blanc about 10 min south of Flint. My 16 year old daughter, Piper, has begged for Chickens since she was 5. Mom caved during quarantine it has been amazing! I think I love them more than her now. We have 2 Amaraucana and 2 Buff Orington, Sadly I think we...
  9. C

    Help Buff Orpington 8-10 week old Sexing

    Hi everyone I had posted about sexing my Buff Orps 2 weeks ago and I was told there was a slim chance that this BO could be a pullet. Here is an update, is it a roo or a pullet? Is there any chance it could be a pullet? for reference this is her/him at 6 weeks:
  10. C

    Buff Orpington 6 weeks old - female or male

    Hello everyone, I have 6 week old buff Orpingtons and when I bought them they are supposed to be pullets however this is my first time raising chickens and I want to confirm if they are actually female. Pictures: 1) 2) 3) 4)
  11. mandab1127

    Yoohoo! I think my favorite pullet is a roo.

    I bought 2 blue australorp chicks from a pullet bin. Was taking photos of them today and realized one of them has a significantly larger comb and wattles are already coming in. I think it's a roo. I've never had a rooster before. Can yall confirm, and also provide any advice that might be...
  12. M

    Buff Orpington rooster

    Hello, I’m located in Detroit and I need to rehome a beautiful Buff Orpington Rooster. He’s about 15 months old and I believe requires a larger flock outside of the city. He’s too rough on our small group of hens and the neighbors don’t love him. Any help is appreciated!
  13. BuffManM

    Buff Orpington (15-16 wk old)

    Hi Guys, I have 2 15-16 week buff Orpington’s. What do you think they are? Roos or Pullets? thanks
  14. IMG_2690.JPG


    Maybelle: two week old buff orpington chick
  15. 4sillymonkies

    BO, RIR Roo or Hen?

    I purchased this lot of three from a local feed store on April 1st. They were approximately 1 week old at purchase putting them at approx. 7 weeks now. I'm fairly certain that the RIR is a cockerel, but I'm concerned that both of the BO's are also cockerels. Can anyone help me identify. Please...
  16. R


    Hi everyone, Just want to introduce myself a bit. Name is Josh I live in Rhode Island and for Mother's Day my family is deciding to surprise my mother with chicks and to start a small family homestead. We have 3 RI Reds, 2 Barred Rocks, 1 Buff Orpington, and 2 Easter Eggers. We are picking the...
  17. N23


  18. Buff Orpington Hen

    Buff Orpington Hen

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