buff orpington

  1. A

    Buff orpington

    Help me sex my 5 week old buff Orpington.
  2. B

    9 week old Buff Orpington, rooster or hen!?

    We have a 9 week old Buff Orpington, is it a rooster or a hen? We’re thinking rooster? We only got one of this breed in our batch of 12 chicks so we don’t have another one to compare it to. We are also new to chickens, so we’d love to know! Thanks!
  3. L

    New Member in Central Seattle, Laura Gardener

    I've been raising chickens since 2012. I started while in culinary school after seeing films of chicken factory farms. I decided that I wanted to grow my own eggs. I have 8 laying hens, three pullets who are approaching maturity, and one duck. I have 3 Amerauracanas, 3 Gold-Sex Links, 1 Dark...
  4. BuffManM

    Pullet or Roo???

    Hi Guys, so I’m pretty new to keeping chickens and I have a question that hopefully somebody with a bit more experience can help me out with. I acquired 2 buff Orpington’s yesterday (14-15 weeks old) I’m not sure if they are pullets or cocks, they also aren’t crowing.what would be the signs at...
  5. P

    3w/o BO chick - Cockerel traits early on, or no?

    Hey all, I know 3 weeks is too early to definitively sex... this is my favorite little chick - incredibly chill, sits right in your palm and falls asleep, and looks you right in the eyes. (just like a buff orpington chick we hatched a year ago that is one of our hens)... So I’m not noticing any...
  6. We-love-chickens

    Hen or roo.

    Hi guys. I asked about my 5 buff orps a few days ago and everyone said they all look like pullets. which I totally agreed with. now we have a change in just one of them and I think it may be a roo. min just a few days the colour on the comb and wattle has gone madly red compared to the others...
  7. N

    What breed and gender?

    Hello I’m new to having chicks and I first started with 6 chicks but 3 ended up being pretty obvious roosters, anyway they got sent back. I am now down to 3 chicks. Chick #1 is 8 week old buff Orpington ( I have my doubts on the breed). Chick #2 is 7 weeks old light Brahma ( which is probably...
  8. R

    Sexing Vorwerks, Buffs, Blacktails and Barnevelders

    Hi everyone, This is my first post so hello! Our previous hens were taken by a fox about 10 weeks ago. After that happened we decided to incubate and hatch our own chicks so that our 4 children could understand and enjoy the experience. Out of 8 eggs, 7 hatched 2 x Vorwerk 2 x Buff Orpington...
  9. KikiDeAnime

    Mouse & her babies [Video]

    You can't really see the chicks but what I got was: 1 Black sex link, 1 Buff Orpington, and 1 Mille fleur d'uccle bantam. It's Mouse's 3rd year raising chicks. In case you're wondering what breeds she's mixed of: Bantam silkie/cochin
  10. ayeitsmeme

    My experience with Buff Orps and Past Regrets

    I got into chickens when I was probably around 8 or 10 years old. My brother who was in high school at the time played a big part in getting baby chicks. We had so many chicks (so many!! Lol), and the majority were straight run. Well one of my favorite and most remembered birds happened to be...
  11. F

    Help!! Pullet or cockerel ?? 3 weeks old

    Can you please help me identify if my buff orpington is male or female? She was marked pullet but her comb is developing faster than my other chicks. They are almost 3 weeks old. Thank you in advance!
  12. L

    5 Week old Buff Orpington

    Hatched this lovely at our daycare under quarantine, they’re supposed to be moving to my house, but I’m worried that this lil lady may have a different gender identification. Thanks for helping this rookie! sorry for the wonky photos I’m working on it 🤷🏻‍♀️
  13. N

    Is it normal to see their pink skin as they begin to feather?

    First time chicken mama over here and we’re loving it! However, our babies are almost 3 weeks old and they’re beginning to feather, but we’re not sure if it’s normal to see so much pink from their skin when they do. They seem happy and never seem to be itching or pecking at their skin. Also...
  14. Kmackenzie

    Buff cockerel??

    Hey guys!! I realize I am jumping the gun on sexing as my guy is only about 2-3 weeks old. But...I am suspecting this fella is a cockerel! this is based on comparison with his suspected “pullet” sister’s appearance characteristics. She doesn’t have as pronounced comb and legs are much more...
  15. L

    What gender is my Buff Orpington?

    Hi, this is our 2 1/2 week old Buff Orpington. Can anyone tell what gender he/she is? I am afraid it is a rooster. Such a sweet and friendly chicken! Thank you so much.
  16. T

    Hello Fellow Cluckers

    I am glad to join the community & learn from everyone here. My farm is Hilltop Farm. We have 4 Orpington Hens in our chicken coop. Looking for cleaver ideas on how to keep the turkey vultures, hawks @ owls away from my 4 buff hens. to Simple Living! 🍃Tree
  17. BobbieMcK

    Guess gender of 4.5 week old chicks

    All are 4.5 weeks old give or take a couple days Barred rock RIR Buff Orpington 1 BO 2
  18. jennkretz

    Chicken Stretching Neck Funny and Shaking Head

    Hi all! Sorry in advance for the long post, but any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated! We have a Buff Orpington Hen (about 3 years old) - who has been stretching her neck funny and shaking her head for the last couple of days (I think I noticed this Friday PM or Saturday AM)...
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