1. Aspen Anderson

    Buff Orpington Random Deaths

    It's been a while since I've been on this site so I hope this is the right place to ask. Recently I just learned that a member of our flock, our sassy buff orpington hen, just passed away unexpectedly. When told this, I remembered another buff orpington hen we owned years ago that suffered the...
  2. Goosebaby

    Genetics question

    I have a gosling that I initially thought was a buff, but I noticed he has blue eyes. My two girls that are the possible moms are a Classic Roman and an American Buff. More than likely the Roman is the mom. The possible dad’s are Leo and Parsnip, French Toulouse, and French Toulouse? Leo is...
  3. Celeeste

    Nugget is suuuuuuuper fluffyyyy

    Just look at him aaaaaa
  4. IMG_2690.JPG


    Maybelle: two week old buff orpington chick
  5. Celeeste

    Is Nugget a roo?

    Nugget is a three weeks old Buff Orpi and we're starting to have suspicions that they're a rooster (or cockerel at this point.) Is there anyway to tell this or is it too early? We were sold them as pullets but I know these local hacteries can make those mistakes. They're getting their waddles...
  6. IMG_20190624_143411629.jpg


    Mama & babies. Silkies love being on the ground.
  7. Buff Orpington Hen

    Buff Orpington Hen

  8. K

    Help determing the sex of our 4ish week old buff

    Hi All! We are new to backyard chickens, but have been planning on this for a while. We picked up our pullets from our local Murdochs on Feb 21. They were only a couple days old when they came home with us. We have a mixed flock: 2 Buffs, 2 Sussex, and 2 Plymoth Rocks. I think one of our Buffs...
  9. L

    can I give my chicken human amoxicillin?

    My buff Orpington is 7 months old, she became sick a few days ago. One of her eyes was swollen and had bubbles in it. But we have started treating her with Neosporin and saline twice a day. But now it seems like she is unable to breathe very well. She raises her head and takes a long breathe...
  10. L

    swollen eye and sneezing

    I noticed my hen had a swollen eye 2 or 3 days ago. But after putting them up tonight, I noticed it has closed all the way. The other eye looks completely normal but the other is swollen shut. Today she seems to be almost sneezing and making weird noises with her nose. I didn’t know if she...
  11. GwynMil

    Questions about chicken colours

    Hi, I'm trying to learn about chicken genetics and general appearances. No breeds in particular. 1. Blue or green eyes. Heritable? If so, dominant or recessive? Can't find any info at all. (not talking about ocular Marek's) 2. Some breeds have black eyes. What happens if they're crossed with...
  12. kirkyanne

    Buff orpington drake plumage

    Hello my buff ducks are almost 9 weeks old and fully feathered. Wondering when the male plumage comes through though? Drakes usually get dark heads like this: I vent sexed them young and was sure we had 4 girls and 3 boys, but they all still have similar colouring. Anyone know? This is my...
  13. Thaney Design

    What Color Is This Silkie?

    I'm guessing this will be a cockerel, but I know Silkies are not an easy breed to sex. It's more a gut feeling. Anyway... here are the photos... what color will this Silkie be? Buff?
  14. TheChiggens

    Everything Buff ~Chat

    Post pictures Share stories about any chicken BUFF! Orpington, Brahma etc. You know what to do!
  15. T

    Cochin colours

    Hi guys, I'm new to byc and i have a question. You see, i have a trio of gold blacklaced cochin bantams and i also have a buff cochin bantam. All of which are purebred and pure in colour. What would i get if i crossed the buff hen to the gold blacklaced roo? And would i be able to tell the...
  16. S

    Buff Minorca: Mochi or Loki?

    Hi! I have a Buff Minorca who's four and a half months old. By this point in time I think I have most of my chickens accurately sexed - but I'm stumped on this one! I know Minorcas have big combs and I think that's throwing me off. I saw another thread with one around the same age and it was...
  17. Thechickentrainer1999

    What's wrong with my hen?

    I've noticed over the last few months that my hens comb has changed color. It used to be bright red and now to me it looks pale and looks like it has shrunk. Here is a picture from 2018 vs 2019. What do you think has caused this? She is 2 years old. She also is missing butt feathers that are not...
  18. J

    Looking for Buff Bantam Silkies in Maryland

    Hi! I'm looking for buff-colored bantam silkies here in Maryland. Does anyone know of any breeders, farms, or have chicks/pullets for sale in the state? Cheers, ~Jess
  19. BodilJ

    Creating buff laced wyandottes

    Hey all I am hoping to create buff black laced wyandottes, as I love the contrast of silver and black in the silver laced wyandottes, but unfortunately the breed standard for gold laced is a quite dark gold here in Denmark, so they loose that striking look. I could of course just select for...
  20. Chickensgalore11

    What gender are my chicks please

    So I got a bunch of different breeds so it's been a bit difficult compariby whom may be hens and whom may be cocks. Pictures 1 and 2 is my austrolorp at 8-9 weeks old. Pictures 3 and 4 is my Pekin Bantam which I think may be a frizzle - 9 weeks old. Picture 5, 6, 7 and 8 chicks are 2 buff...
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