1. MrsKroo

    Is the Omlet Coop Big Enough

    Hi. I have 5 buff Orpingtons 17 weeks old. They have an Omlet Igloo for a coop. Tonight I noticed that one of them was sleeping on top of the rest. There’s space for all 5 to roost in this coop, any idea why one would sleep on top of the others? Thank you for the help.
  2. D

    Adding to Flock?

    Been doing quite a bit of research, and am getting mixed results about the Buff Orpington, of which I have 6 (19 weeks, approaching POL). I absolutely love the breed's friendliness and personality, but I'm afraid I won't get as many eggs as I had hoped for. I am thinking about maybe next summer...
  3. D

    The Wait is agonizing!!

    I have 6 BO pullets at age 18 weeks. About three are scrawnier, with bright red waddles that have developed quite a bit, and do a squat when I pet them sometimes. The others are bigger pullets, and from my understanding, won’t be as good of egg layers. Any tips/prep, things I should be doing...
  4. birdgirl999

    Buff Orpington - 4.5 week old Cockerel or Pullet?

    Hello all! I am brand new to raising chickens (this is my first batch) and loving it! We got 4x day old chicks and I'm starting to think that my buff orpington is a roo... Wondering if someone more experienced with this breed has any insight. I have been holding out hope that (s)he may grow...
  5. Stephlirio

    Buff Orpington hen or roo?

    Hi, y'all! I'm wondering if my buff orpington is a hen or a roo. Not quite sure how many weeks he/she is...5-6 weeks I'm thinking. She/he is my only buff orpington so I dont have another to compare it to! Thank in advance!
  6. Thechickentrainer1999

    Irregular shaped pupil

    I have an almost 3 year old buff orpington hen who's left eye has all of a sudden changed. She acts normal, looks overall healthy but I'm not sure why it has changed. The pupil is slightly irregular shaped while the eye is a lighter color. The other eye is completely normal. She's lived with the...
  7. TheChiggens

    Getting Chicks This Summer! Anyone Else?

    Getting chicks around July to replenish the flock for about the 4th time. Getting a BO rooster And some Welsumer chicks! As always I can't wait and it's not even Christmas yet! :barnie Anyone else getting some?
  8. Denasmee

    Well, we heard one of our chickens rooster call, which one is it?

    I’m betting that it’s the little one, just Becuase she turned five weeks and has a red comb already and just somehow looks like a boy to me. My question is what do you guys think? We have three chickens. Two are pullets I believe. We have one buff Orpington 7 weeks old, one barred rock (or...
  9. chickmamat

    Hatching / Breeding- when? Genetics and coloring.

    Hi all, I have my first rooster. He is 4 months old and has been quite busy with my hens the last few weeks. My hens are all over a year. Is there a specific age that my rooster needs to be to be fertile? Or is he good to go? Also, I’m wondering how the genetics and coloring will work. I do not...
  10. Shepshill

    Blue Ameraucana and Buff Orpington

    New arrivals
  11. ChickenGirl.Cluck

    Welcome to the flock Rosie!!

    :wee:wee:clap:celebrate:celebrate:celebrate:celebrateWELCOMING ROSIE...
  12. MisaF

    Upstate New York Two Buff Orpington Rooster

    I have two buff Orpington roos in need of a good home. Both beautiful purebred and hand raised and only five months old. We are just not set up for two roosters (I only have six hens). I ordered eight hens and, well, you know how it goes. Free to good home. Not considering a home where they may...
  13. Sjbuff

    16 week old Buff Orpington hen or roo?

    Please help!!! Always thought this one was a hen. It seems like over night she/he grew wattles and a comb.
  14. Sjbuff


    one of my buff orpingtons is about 16 weeks old and has been loosing feathers like crazy! is this normal? Thank you in advanced!
  15. Sjbuff

    When to switch to a layer feed?

    My Buff Orpingtons are almost 16 weeks old. They are currently on a starter grower feed. When should I start introducing a layer feed? Thank you !!
  16. Sjbuff

    What can I feed my chicks?

    I have 8 week old buff orpingtons, and I currently feed them a starter feed and occasionally throw in some dried mealworms. I was just wondering what other foods, like fruits or veggies, I can start feeding them. Thank you all!:jumpy
  17. Sjbuff

    Buff Orpington Hen or Rooster?

    What about this sweet chicky? About 7 weeks old.
  18. Sjbuff

    Spots on tail

    My Buff Orpington has spots on a couple of her tail feathers. Is this normal? I don’t think it’s dirt. She’s had them since she started to get her feathers in.
  19. RiverSong717

    Buff Orpington Hen or Roo?

    This is Aspen, my 18 week old Buff Orpington. I’m about 97% sure that he is a Roo by the looks of his comb, but it doesn’t look as though he is developing many hackle, tail, or saddle feathers, and his bodylooks about the same as his sisters, who I am almost 100% sure are hens. No crowing from...
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