1. M

    Coop Building Beginner

    Hello everyone, I just joined and I have a beginner question obviously haha.. I'm just getting started with some designs for the yard (Michigan, 2 acres) and I am trying to find a decent build schematic to follow. Any tips or pointers? I'm thinking of getting one of these...
  2. BridgeportQuail

    Planning quail aviary

    Hi everyone! This is my first post here. I have decided to get into keeping Coturnix quail for their eggs. I've decided to go with an aviary style enclosure, because from my research, a wire-bottom cage can harm their feet, and a hutch ceiling is too low. I also like being able to observe the...
  3. Cheepers Magoo

    Apps or programs to assist in coop design?

    Hello! I've been searching for a coop design online that I like and works for me. I'm having trouble finding one that is ’the one', so I'm going to venture into my own design. Unfortunately, I'm not super experienced in building. My question is, have any of you discovered a good app or program...
  4. KLIL

    Building a Coop and Run Idea's

    Hi Everyone, Im starting to gather together some idea's for when I build a bigger Chicken Coop and Run and how much I should be setting aside for it. Im thinking I want it to house about 20 Chickens and ill keep my old smaller coop if I ever want chicks again. Has anyone got any...
  5. HenzandHoundzFarm

    Is Pressure Treated Wood Dangerous?

    I am working on building a night enclosure for my pheasants. I've run out of room in my barn so this enclosure has to be completely outdoors. The plans I have seem well ventilated but I'm unsure of the dangers of pressure treated wood. Will the chemicals be dangerous to my birds? What's the...
  6. M

    chickens from an animal park building simulator

    there is this game where u can build your very own animal parks, farms, horse ranchs and stuff like that it also has addons which focuses on odd animals, marine animals, horses, dinosaurs, dragons and unicorns and farm animals which the farm addons adds some farm themed animals like cows...
  7. SplashyDashyChicksHatchi

    Coop for 9 Chickens with room to expand

    So, we currently have 9 chickens, 2 large ones and 7 younger ones(including 1 suspected roo). My family wants to have a permanent dwelling for the chickens with a rotatable dog run. We already have a plan for the coop, most of the materials, the money to build it, and the incentive. The only...
  8. Craftsman Coop

    Craftsman Coop

    April 29, 2018: Construction of my very first coop is underway! I'm about 3 weeks into the project now. A combination of weather (it's been VERY rainy), faulty equipment (our backhoe needed a replacement part and that delayed progress on our foundation), and needy children made for a pretty slow...
  9. Nyla

    Has anyone used a Window Motor as egg turner?

    Has anyone used a car window motor as a egg turner motor? If so, how did you hook it up? Do you have pictures? How do you get it on a timer to turn ever 2 hours? How do you get it to turn both ways? How do you stop it from going too far either way? How many pounds can it move?
  10. squidvicious

    How much sq ft and how to reduce building costs

    Hey everyone! This spring I plan on building a proper coop and run but determining the size is tricky. I currently have 11 chickens but plan on gradually increasing flock size to around 30 over the next couple years. They free range full time except when we go away on vacation. They get locked...
  11. B

    I love the BYC magazine.

    I was raised on a farm. I never wanted to do anything else. My grandparents and an Uncle advised me to discover the world. Regardless of where I lived, I still gardened even if it was adding a tomato plant to a flower bed. HOA just don't understand people wanting to GROW food. So I learned...
  12. Revan

    Coop Size Question

    I'm currently drawing up some coop layouts and need a little help. Square footage is kinda confusing to me. Sorry, but math really just never was my strong suit. Currently, what I've drawn up is a 3 ft wide by 4 ft long walk-in coop (with a run double to triple the size). How many chickens can I...
  13. Beakertheduck

    Chicken and Duck Coop Combo

    Hello everyone, I currently have a small coop with chickens living above and the ducks living in the space below. This was just a temporary summer home for them. With autumn soon approaching, I need to build a winterized coop. I would like to see pictures and hear about your experience with...
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